What we know so far…

Some things we’ve learned from Spring Training so far:

Kevin Youkilis found out just how crazy the New York media circus can be. Word of advice: Think first so you don’t have to clarify later.

Derek Jeter didn’t want to see his ankle flipped around the other way at the ALCS. But now it’s basically bolted onto his body, so that even if the rest of his body fails him, the ankle will keep on going. (This should further bolster the image of the $64-or rather $17-Million Dollar Man, so to speak.) Oh, and he was supposed to say something controversial to get Youkilis off the sports pages (nice try, Pettitte), so he simply welcomed him to New York. (Trial by fire for the new guys, is it?)

The front office has indicated they’ve already reached out to Robinson Cano to start talking contract extensions, but Cano isn’t thinking about next year… yet. That’s his agent’s job. And with Scott Boras as your agent, the job will get done, and it will make a difference somehow.

Mariano Rivera has made his decision about 2014, but he’s teasing everyone about it until closer to Opening Day. Methinks #42 will be retired by Opening Day 2014, but with Mo, you never know.

Even the young guys who worked out all off-season are sore after their first few days of team workouts (according to the Captain), but they’ll find their pace. They have 33 Spring Training games, 2 Exhibition games, and 162 regular games to find their stride as a team and as individual athletes.

At first, it was just an unusually sore upper back, but now Phil Hughes is on a “2-week time-out”, according to Girardi, due to a bulging back disc. We wish him well and full health and back to the mound soon!

We’re still no closer to determining two key spots on the Yankees roster — starting catcher (Cervelli, Stewart, or Romine) and the #5 spot on the starting rotation (Nova or Phelps). Hey, the Yankees needed something splashy for the Sidewalk Crew to write about this Spring.

Joe Girardi installed gymnastics rings in the clubhouse for workout purposes. So if they don’t make the play-offs this year, the guys can start working for the Men’s Olympic Team in 2016. Go for the Gold!

Guest instructor Jorge Posada still has yet to make his appearance at Camp. Skipping workouts and showing up later just to hang with the guys? That’s sounds like a retired Floridian to me.

And finally, to take Nick Swisher’s boisterous place as “Class Clown” and all-around fun guy on the team (a role he is gladly filling at the Indians’ Spring Camp in Arizona), Joba Chamberlain is stepping up admirably and effectively to the task. My personal favorite story was the day he chose to get into a laundry cart and begged Boone Logan to push him around the clubhouse. Where are the pictures for that one?

Well, I’m looking forward to many soundbites, tidbits, and antics from Spring Training and this coming season. Are you ready for it?

Go Yankees!