Spring Game 2: TOR vs. NYY — The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Well, there’s good news, bad news, and worse news for today.

The good news is it looks like Derek Jeter is on track to begin his Spring Training games on Sunday, March 10 (they’ll be playing the Blue Jays in Dunedin that day). According to GM Brian Cashman, Jeter’s been cleared for all baseball activity, but they want to ease into full activity to give his body and healed ankle time to adjust to the athletics of a real game again. I have a feeling his return will be greeted similarly to how Jorge Posada was greeted at Steinbrenner Field today before the game.

The bad news is the loss to the Blue Jays at their home opener today, making the Yankees 1-1 so far. We still have 5 weeks left of Spring and a lot of game to play before we can count them out. The Yankee pitching was actually quite stellar today, matching what the Jays brought to the table. And we could even get guys on base, but it’s the same old story of leaving them out there that leaves us once again scoreless. It looks like some offense needs to build some consistency, not that the Jays were that much better. It was actually more of an even match today. And while it may be a bit early, this could make for an interesting division race this year.

Granderson breaks forearm off errant pitch
via NYTimes.com

And now for the worse news: Curtis Granderson took an inside fastball to his right forearm. He is now out for 10 weeks with a fracture. That means that not only will he miss spring, but also the first month. According to my calendar, that puts his first game back on May 5 (at home against Oakland). Just when everyone was discussing the possibility of switching Granderson and Brett Gardner around the outfield, now we have to wait to see how that works for another couple of months.

So much like last year, it’s going to take other guys on the team, stepping up and making it happen. For now, we can only hope for the best and pray for a swift, clean recovery for Granderson.

Go Yankees!