Game 59: NYY vs. TOR — Disappointment north of the border

The Yankees began their midweek series in Toronto tonight, and it seems their unsure footing that closed out the Boston series on Sunday cleared customs and found its way on the field of Rogers Centre. Masahiro Tanaka got the start and actually was pretty strong most of his outing, save a single inning. He threw 85 pitches through 6 innings, gave up 6 hits, 2 walks, and 4 runs, and struck out just 2 batters.

The Blue Jays actually saved nearly all their offense for a single inning. In the 5th, a lead-off solo home run to kick things off. Tanaka then gave up a walk that stole 2nd. Originally, it was called out, but the Blue Jays challenged, and the call was overturned. It was the right call, but that runner made all the difference in the game as the next batter hit a big 2-run home run. Then a 2-out double scored on a single for the Blue Jays’ eventual winning run.

Outside of that inning, Tanaka threw a really great game. In the 5th, he threw 32 pitches and gave up 4 hits, 4 runs, and a walk. In the rest of his outing combined, he threw 53 pitches and gave up 2 hits, no runs, and a walk. Like I’ve said before, sometimes it all comes down to a single inning.

Holder and Green each took an inning to close out the game for the Yankees. Holder got himself into a bit of trouble but, characteristically, got himself out of it all the same.

The Yankee offense was a bit slow to start. In the 4th, Hicks hit a lead-off double and scored as part of Clint Frazier’s 1-out 2-run home run to give the Yankees an early (albeit rather short) lead.

Then, after the home team took the lead, the Yankees made one more last-ditch effort in the 8th. Aaron Hicks hit a lead-off solo home run. Two outs later, Urshela singled and moved into scoring position when Morales worked a walk. A line drive out ended the Yankees rally hopes, and a closer worked his way out of a jam in the 9th to kill any further hopes.

Final score: 4-3 Blue Jays

Yes, the Yankees have drafted quite a few great future stars over the last two days. Tomorrow at noon, the final rounds begin. Following tomorrow’s game recap, I will do a quick summary of the entire draftees. Congratulations to those already selected and those going in these next few rounds.

It’s also worth remember that just because some people go in the first few rounds doesn’t mean those drafted later won’t have great careers. Some late-round choices that fans might recognize (though most are now with other teams) — David Robertson (17), David Phelps (14), Shane Greene (15), Tyler Austin (13), and current Yankee reliever Nestor Cortes Jr (36).

For every first round Judge, there’s a ton of later rounds like Romine (2), Gardner (3), Wade (4), Adams and Kahnle (5), Holder (6), Higashioka (7), and Betances (8) to name just those currently on the Yankees drafted by the Yankees. And while it’s not a Yankee, the truly greatest story is Mike Piazza, drafted last in the 62nd round and 1390th overall, to have quite the storied career and end up in the Hall of Fame.

Go Yankees!

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