Game 61: NYY vs. NYM — Pitchers’ duel ends in a rare shutout

The last team in all of MLB to be shutout this year was the Yankees. It certainly didn’t look like it was going to happen against the Mets, who going into tonight’s game were on a losing streak of 8 games. But baseball is not predictable. And this was the Yankees’ first shutout of the season.

With Luis Severino on the mound to start the game, the Yankees were looking to sweep the Mets in tonight’s finale. And Severino had a pretty good outing — 93 pitches in 5 innings, 5 hits, 2 walks, 2 runs, and 7 solid strikeouts. His allowed runs came in that 5th inning, when a 2-out singled on a 2-run home run to get the Mets on the board.

Shreve, Warren, and Holder each took an inning to close out the game and keep the Mets to those 2 lone runs. And they succeeded, just killing time and waiting for the Yankees’ batters to kick it into gear.

However, the Mets’ pitchers were strong enough to hold off the Yankees’ batters making the game predominantly a pitchers’ duel. The Yankees only got 3 hits and a walk off Mets’ pitchers all night.

The closest the Yankees got to runs was in the 8th inning. With 1 out, Miguel Andujar singled (the 3rd Yankee hit of the night). Then pinch-hitter Aaron Judge hit a short grounder to the shortstop who threw it to the 2nd baseman at 2nd for the force play there, before throwing the ball to 1st for a routine double play. Except it didn’t happen that way. At all.

First, the call was the out at 2nd on the force but the throw was seriously off and ended up nearly in the dugout, meaning that Judge was safe. However, the Yankees wanted to challenge the call. And it was a good thing as the 2nd baseman never touched the base for the out and was overturned. That meant both Andujar and Judge were safe on 2 really poor defensive errors.

But 2 outs later, the Yankees were out of luck and just ran out of outs and innings.

Final score: 2-0 Mets, Yankees win series 2-1

Next up: The Yankees have a long home stand. Sort of. First, the Nationals come up for 2 games, starting Tuesday, and then the Rays have a 4-game weekend series in the Bronx. And before a 3-game series to complete the home stand, the Yankees will travel down to D.C. for a game and a half on Monday. This is the rain-out and suspended games from last month (May 15-16).

And here’s your reminder to vote for your favorite players in the annual fan ballot for the All-Star Game. You can vote 5-times every 24-hours up to 35 entries until July 5 at 11:59 pm (EST).

Go Yankees!

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