Game 3: NYY vs. TOR — Injury plagued loss, despite young power

Well, it was bound to happen sometime. The loss that is, not the injuries. But those injuries need to stop (more later). But the loss is a guarantee in this kind of game. There is no such thing as an undefeated season in MLB, and honestly, the entire game is really about losses.

I mean, when you think about it, even the best batters fail 7 out of 10 at-bats to get an average of .300. And in a season of 162 games, the best teams may win 90-100 in a season. That still means 60-70 losses. In fact, every day, one team will lose and one will win. This afternoon happened to fall in favor of the Blue Jays, proving perhaps that they really are “Toronto the Good“.

CC Sabathia got the start for the Yankees today and threw a decent outing — 84 pitches in 5 innings, giving up 5 hits, 2 walks, and 2 runs (only 1 earned), and struck out 4 Toronto batters. In the 1st, with 1 out, a batter doubled and then scored on a long single. And the lead-off batter in the 3rd made it safely on a throwing error before scoring on a double.

Sabathia would actually get a no-decision in the scorebook. The Yankees were certainly held off for much of the game, only getting 4 total hits, thanks mostly to the Blue Jays’ starter. But in the 5th inning, Drury worked a lead-off walk and then scored as part of Tyler Austin’s big 1-out 2-run home run to tie up the game.

Adam Warren came out for the 6th inning. He quickly got one out before giving up a walk. The next batter hit a sharp grounder right into Warren’s ankle. The defense got the out at 1st, but the other runner made it to 2nd and Warren came out of the game. Jonathan Holder came in to close out the inning for Warren, but gave up a single that scored the runner, giving the Blue Jays the lead.

But then it would be Tyler Austin to come back in the 7th to hit a 2-out solo home run to tie up the game once again. In fact, all of the Yankee runs were Austin’s fault, his first multi-homer game. Reliever Dellin Betances came in for a clean 7th inning, but then got into some trouble in the 8th. He gave up a lead-off solo homer (to a former Yankee, by the way) to shift things back to the Blue Jays’ favor.

Then things got messy. With 2 outs and a runner on 1st with a single, that runner stole 2nd, watched the next runner work a walk, the first runner stole 3rd, and then the other runner stole 2nd, putting both runners in scoring position. (Yes, a scorer’s nightmare!) And in a terrible play, thanks to a throwing error by Betances, both runners then stole the next base, which means someone stole home.

Final score: 5-3 Blue Jays

Injuries incurred today: outfielder Billy McKinney slammed against the wall in left field, which is actually a scoreboard. He seriously injured his left shoulder, coming out of the game then. X-rays were negative, but he’s still going on the DL. Adam Warren‘s injury, the grounder to his ankle in the 6th, was also enough to take him out of the game. With x-rays coming back negative, it looks like he’ll be nursing a deep bruise there, and some time on the DL.

To solve the immediate issue of McKinney’s absence and now hole in the roster, and with all the other outfielders on the 40-man roster also on the DL (Ellsbury, Frazier, and Hicks), the Yankees are calling up Miguel Andujar. Andujar can play 3rd, 1st, and DH, leaving the two other primary bench players (Wade and Torreyes) to sub in the outfield (to break Stanton, Judge, and Gardner). Ellsbury will probably be the first off the DL, but not until April 5, so it could be a very long week for the outfield. Still no word on who might take over for Warren, but fortunately, there’s a plethora of relievers waiting for that call with the RailRiders.

Okay, that’s enough injuries this week. Let’s stay healthy, guys!

Also, we are in the first full day of Passover week, so Chag Sameach! to those celebrating this week. We hope you all had a great Pesach dinner with your friends and family.

Go Yankees!

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