Spring Game 10: NYY vs. DET — The dominant and daring Yankees

It was a rather pleasant and sunny Saturday afternoon, a lovely 76° in Lakeland as the Yankees took on the Tigers today. “Took on” might be a little generous, “trampled” might be more appropriate. Michael Pineda took the helm to give the Yankees a good start, earning 5 sharp strikeouts over his 2 innings to kick off good things for the Yankees today.

Dellin Betances followed that up with a bit of drama in the 3rd inning, allowing 2 runners on base, but kept them from doing anything more than that brief show. Chad Green’s 4th inning was the lone moment for the Tigers. With 2 outs and 2 runners on base, a batter hit a double to score the Tigers’ lone run of the afternoon.

Heller, Holder, Shreve, and Gallegos closed things out for the Yankees from the mound, and together (with the 5 from Pineda) they compiled 12 strikeouts, keeping the Tigers’ offense to just 6 hits this afternoon.

The Yankees’ offense, on the other hand, couldn’t be stopped today, racking up a total of 13 hits and working 10 walks. (And yes, that’s 23 total base runners over the course of 9 innings.) All this began in the 3rd inning with Aaron Hicks’ lead-off walk and followed up immediately with Gary Sanchez’s 2-run home run to get the Yankees on the board and leading with power. Then Bird singled and scored on Starlin Castro’s 1-out double.

In the 4th, Fowler hit a 1-out single and scored as part of Hicks’ 2-run home run over the right field fence. With 2 outs in the 5th, the Yankees loaded up the bases with 2 walks and a single, and the Tigers tried to shake things up by changing relievers. It didn’t help them as they walked both Rob Refsnyder and Gary Sanchez to score 2 more runs for the Yankees. Donovan Solano then singled Fowler and Refsnyder home before the Tigers finally got their desperately needed last out of the inning.

To cap things off, the Yankees added on a couple more in the 6th inning. With 2 outs and Kozma at 1st, McKinney doubled and moved both of them to scoring position. Rookie outfielder Crawford singled to score Kozma and McKinney to end the Yankees’ run-scoring this afternoon.

And yes, if you’re keeping up with the math, that’s a whole lot of run-scoring for the Yankees today.

Final score: 11-1 Yankees.

It should be worth noting that Gary Sanchez has become the king of throwing out guys trying to steal 2nd. He showed off his quick, strong arm today, getting a runner in the 3rd inning. Together with Betances, the two young players make quite the team to keep threatening even the speediest of runners from making such an attempt.

Honestly, it’s always impressive to watch guys make a run for it, just as much as it is to watch guys get them out. It’s one of those plays in baseball where it’s usually a surprise and sudden rush of excitement, and it’s anyone’s guess how it will turn out.

Much like baseball specifically, and life in general, I think. It’s the moments of daring that make all the difference sometimes. Without those moments, it’s just a standard game, a boring life. We need a little excitement to make sure we don’t sit on our laurels and get complacent. So be adventurous and daring every now and then!

Go Yankees!

{Media note: no video links for today’s game. It happens sometimes during Spring Training.}

2 thoughts on “Spring Game 10: NYY vs. DET — The dominant and daring Yankees”

  1. Great to see the baby bombers doing well. W-L record is meaningless in Grapefruit League games, but the youngsters getting into the winning habit is still good. Now if we can just shore up that starting rotation…

    1. No kidding! While Pineda has been impressive, and Tanaka had that lone outing, the rest are shaking off the rust still or major question marks. Yes, that’s what Spring is for, but the bullpen is full of stellar one or two inning guys. And if the selected 5 are anything like the last few years, we’re going to need them. At least until guys like Kaprielian are ready (and unfortunately, it’s just not this year).

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