Game 154: NYY vs. TOR — Pitching duel, a weak offense, & a no-decision

It was yet another game when a starting pitcher threw a pretty amazing game and ended up on the wrong side of the statistics monster. And unfortunately, once again, it also fell on CC Sabathia. When talking with someone tonight about this game, we concluded that Sabathia pitched like we’re used to Sabathia pitching, and it was sort of good thing that he ended up with a no-decision.

For this second game in this long weekend series in Toronto, Sabathia threw 91 pitches through 7 full innings, gave up 4 hits and 3 walks, but kept the Blue Jays scoreless, striking out just 2 batters. This means he relied a lot on the defense, but the defense was sharp today. In the 2nd, they combined for an “around-the-horn double play“; basically, the ball hit to the 3rd baseman throws it to the 2nd baseman for out #1, who throws it to the 1st baseman for out #2.

Ronald Torreyes showed off some defensive skills with a great recovery on a bad grounder hop in the 5th to get the out and then again in the 7th with a barehanded grab. Didi Gregorius added his own flair with a sliding stop up the middle to get the out at 2nd on a play in the 6th.

The Yankees didn’t do much off Toronto’s pitching. The starter left the game after 7 innings, only giving up a single hit (to Hicks in the 2nd) and 3 walks (in 3 separate innings), but kept the Yankees as scoreless as Sabathia was doing. His first reliever gave up the Yankees best shot at offense in the 8th inning — a really beautiful 2-out stand-up triple by the speedy Ronald Torreyes. But the Blue Jays reliever struck out the next batter and left Torreyes stranded there.

Tyler Clippard came out for the bottom of the 8th, hoping to hold down the fort for the Yankees to do something at some point offensively. He quickly got the first two outs and then got in some trouble. A single, wild pitch, and walk put 2 runners on base. And the only strike he threw to this batter, a 91 mph fastball right down the center of the plate, lined itself into the left field seats for a 3-run home run and broke the scoreless streak, much to the glee of the 47,000-ish fans at Rogers Centre.

The Yankees hopes of something, anything really, in the 9th inning were dim as they faced the Blue Jays’ closer. They allowed the reliever to earn his 35th save of the season.

Final score: 3-0 Blue Jays.

So, if you’re keeping track on this trek over the border, customs cleared pitching and defense. Still waiting on word for the offense. In the last 2 games, the Yankees have 6 total hits, compared to the Blue Jays’ 19. Runs total for these 2 games: 12 (Blue Jays) to 0 (Yankees). Yeah, where is that offense?

Don’t forget to #VoteSanchez. Gary Sanchez is up for Rookie of the Year, and you the fans get to help have your say. So go and vote often for the Yankees rising star. You can also vote for other categories right now like Best Major Leaguer, Best Hitter, and Best Pitcher. More categories that include postseason outstanding moments and players will be added later. You can vote as often as you’d like until November 11th.

Go Yankees!

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