Game 123: NYY vs. LAA — Angelic sweep denied

To be fair, the Yankees seriously outscored the Angels this weekend 12-3. And I sometimes wish that mattered. But games are individually counted, not series. So the Angels surprisingly denied the sweep to the Yankees today to close out the weekend series in Anaheim.

Chad Green got the start for the Yankees today, and honestly, he actually did a pretty good job overall. He threw 99 pitches in his 6 innings, gave up just 5 hits, a walk, and a run, and struck out 5 Angels’ batters. His lone run came in the 1st inning when a 2-out single scored on an RBI single a couple batters later to get the Angels on the board. He got a bit of help from the excellent defense, in plays like Ellsbury stealing a home run away from an Angels’ power-hitter in the 5th inning (almost diving into those beautiful waterfalls out there in center field).

Anthony Swarzak threw a beautifully clean 14-pitch 7th inning, while Adam Warren’s 8th was marred with some hiccups. With 1 out, Warren walked a batter who promptly got thrown out by catcher Gary Sanchez trying to steal 2nd. Two singles later and runners were on the corners. Another single scored the lead runner, but quick instincts nabbed the runner going to 3rd to end the inning.

All this while waiting for the Yankee bats to spark alive. And they did hit some, collecting 6 hits and 3 walks, but not enough to cobble together much of anything as far as runs scored.

Overall, it was rather a lackadaisical kind of game. But on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Southern California, how could you not take in a ball game?

Final score: 2-0 Angels, Yankees win series 2-1.

Funny moment during the game: apparently, right in the 1st inning, Gary Sanchez fouled a ball back into the crowd, but this particular foul went directly into the YES Network broadcasting booth and hit one of the broadcaster’s laptops. No worries though, the laptop is just fine.

Now, onto Seattle… enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Go Yankees!

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