Game 118: TOR vs. NYY — Green power, with a smidgen of Judge

Chad Green is something else. He arrived in the Bronx and just come in to dominate tonight’s series opener against the Blue Jays. He didn’t even give up a hit until the 5th inning, setting down 13 batters in order up until then, and then he proceeded to strikeout the final batter in that inning looking while he had 2 runners in scoring position. Like he’s been doing this for years.

Green kept the Blue Jays completely scoreless through his 6 innings, while striking out 11 Toronto batters. He’s only the second Yankees’ pitcher to throw double-digit strikeouts in a game all season. Again, the desire for a “fresh arm” proved exactly what the Yankees needed.

Tyler Clippard breezed his way through the 7th inning, with just 9 pitches and adding another strikeout. Adam Warren’s 8th inning continued the scoreless streak, and it would be Dellin Betances’ 9th inning earned him his 5th save of the season, with a great game-ending double play despite runners on the corners. In total, Yankee pitchers only gave up 3 hits and a walk, and struck out 13 total batters. Basically, Green started something the bullpen was more than happy to continue and finish tonight.

The Blue Jays, on the other hand, really had a mixed bag of luck against the Yankees. Technically, if you look at the statistics, Toronto pitchers gave up 8 hits and a whopping 7 walks, but the Yankees only managed a single run. In the 4th inning, with 1 out, McCann and Sanchez worked 2 of those walks before McCann scored on Aaron Judge’s RBI double. In his first 3 games, Judge has hit 3 extra-base hits.

But the Yankees used those hits and walks to work on those “opportunities”, even loading the bases in key spots during the game, but like so often earlier in this season, they left them stranded. I mean, the Blue Jays did get the Yankees to strike out 9 times, which would have been more detrimental if the Yankees’ pitching staff hadn’t been so amazing.

Final score: 1-0 Yankees.

Scranton Shuttle: As you can guess, in light of Severino’s move back to AAA Scranton, the Yankees brought up starter Chad Green, who just dominated in tonight’s game. And aren’t we all just grateful.

A scary moment during tonight’s game when an errant foul ball struck the home plate umpire, directly on the mask. He was stunned a bit and started displaying concussion-like symptoms. Yankees’ trainer Steve Donahue came out to examine him, and they opted to pull him from the game for further examinations. The 2nd base umpire came in to cover home plate and the two other umpires were left to cover the field in a 3-man configuration. Our hopes he’s going to be okay.

Now, a little standings reminder for you. Baltimore and Toronto are currently siting very nicely atop the AL East, followed by Boston (by a game) and then the Yankees (by 5.5 games). So the Yankees winning this week against Toronto could really shake some things up in the standings.(Baltimore is playing Boston this week, so it’s going to be an interesting shift in the standings regardless.)

The Yankees are also currently 4.5 games out of Wild Card contention. So it’s not exactly out of the realm of possibilites (despite it being just 3% chance of playing in the postseason). Grasping at straws? Perhaps, but it’s still August, so keep the faith, people!

Go Yankees!

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