Game 108: NYM vs. NYY — Split rivalry & (neon) shades of 1995

And the final game of the 20th incarnation (during the regular season) of the Subway Series is in the books, and it ended in a split. And a split at both parks. Yes, the Yankees won and lost in both New York parks, as did the Mets. It’s a rather anti-climatic actually. It’s kind of how soccer (or football to my non-American readers) can end in a tie. Except in most soccer/football leagues a tie still gets you a point on the running scale.

Okay, for my American readers: a win gets you 3 points and a loss is scored at 0 points, and the team with the most points scored overall on the scale is considered the winner of that league. (It’s kind of how they used to do the American college football rankings.)

Anyway, my point is splitting a series doesn’t mean anything, so it’s less thrilling in the scheme of things.

So the Yankees sent up Nathan Eovaldi to the mound, and honestly, he kept things strong through most of his 7 innings until the Mets broke through in the 5th. Other than that inning, Eovaldi gave up just 2 hits and 2 walks and struck out 4 batters in his other 6 innings. But it would be that lone inning that made all the difference for the Mets and for the game. A solo home run started things off, but then a 1-out double and a failed double play attempt (officially a “fielder’s choice”) on both bags got 2 runners on base so that a 2-out 3-run home run solidified the Mets’ lead.

The Mets never scored again. Adam Warren’s 8th and Anthony Swarzak’s 9th were rather clean and kept the Mets from adding to their lead, waiting for the Yankee bats to pick up. And it’s not like they were exactly silent. The Yankees collected 9 hits and just 3 strikeouts in this game, but they didn’t cross the plate until the 7th inning. Gary Sanchez hit a 1-out double (his first MLB extra base hit), and then after a pitching change, Aaron Hicks’ 2-out single scored Sanchez for the Yankees’ lone run of the evening.

The Yankees fought to do a last-minute rally in the 9th, even getting 2 runners on base with singles, but a double play ended their attempts at adding to their score.

Final score: 4-1 Mets, Yankees and Mets split the series 2-2.

Scranton Shuttle: before the game, the Yankees recalled Johnny Barbato and optioned Chad Green back to AAA Scranton. Now, this makes a hole in the rotation which logically will be filled by Luis Severino, especially after his dynamic performance last night.

Well, the Yankees host the Indians this weekend in the Bronx, beginning with Star Wars night tomorrow. Now, the Indians are in 1st place in the AL Central, 2nd in the AL, and 4th overall. And no, it’s not 1995, but there are definitely members of my family that are very happy. In the mean time, the Yankees are holding strong at .500, 4th place in the AL East but middle of the pack in the AL and overall.

Yep, so it sounds like it could be 1995 to me. That wasn’t a good year for me the first time around. (Though to be fair, the Yankees did get the Wild Card that year because unlike this season, the rest of the division except Boston was terrible.) So if we get a do-over, can we have another year? Like say 1998? I liked 1998. That was a good year.

Now, any Yankee fan worth their salt will understand that sentiment. Okay, so I’m feeling nostalgic tonight… it’s my way of remaining positive, so stay with me, and we’ll get back to a 1998-ish season one of these days.

Go Yankees!

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