Game 90: BOS vs. NYY – Good effort on a gloomy day

A season-high crowd of 48,329 gathered in Yankee Stadium this afternoon under a cloudy sky that threatened to rain at any time. Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing as the Yankees battled through the gloomy afternoon striving to take this second game of the series with Boston.

CC Sabathia started for the Yankees and did reasonably well in the first two innings. By the third inning, his command was less secure and this gave opportunity for the Red Sox to begin scoring. At the top of the third, batters loaded the bases on a throwing error, a line drive single to center, and a walk that scored a run.

In the top of the 4th, Sabathia allowed 3 singles and a walk that scored another runner. After allowing two men on base in the sixth, Sabathia gave up a homer and the Yankees were now down by 4 runs. Over 5 1/3 innings, Sabathia gave up 5 runs and 9 hits.

A pitching change in the 6th brought Anthony Swarzak to the mound who allowed one walk and struck out two with no runs scored over his 2 2/3 innings. Richard Bleier closed the game in the 9th, keeping the momentum with just 1 allowed hit and no runs.

Yankee defense showed off in the first inning by turning two with precision thanks to that great infield of Gregorius, Castro and Teixeira. In the top of the third, Headley grabbed a hit out of thin air for the out, showing the fans how to play defense with style.

Brett Gardner singled in the 1st inning on a hard line drive to center but was not given a scoring opportunity. The Yankee bats came alive in the bottom of the third with a homer by Gardner to center field that put New York on the board. Rodriguez walked and McCann singled in the 4th, but (as is the usual song these days) both were left stranded.

In the 5th, Gregorius doubled on a line drive to right field, and Gardner worked the pitches to earn a walk. But again, the Yankees were left stranded. A Boston pitching substitution in the bottom of the 8th gave the Yankees another run as Chase Headley homered over the center field wall. Down by three in the 9th, the Yankees faced a strong closer and, unfortunately, no further runs scored.

Final score: 5-2, Red Sox

Injury update: Aaron Judge, one of New York’s top prospects, will apparently remain on the Triple-A DL for an indefinite period of time to allow his knee to heal without further complication. He is a gifted player and definitely one to watch. Here’s to hoping for complete healing and a return to the field soon.

Trade rumors persist that there may be interest in Nathan Eovaldi even though he insists he would like to remain in pinstripes. Struggling earlier this season, he seems to have regained his edge and may  prove to the “powers that be” that he is worth staying in New York. Looking forward to seeing “Nasty Nate” regain command of the mound in his start against Baltimore in a few days.

As a nod of recognition to all ballboys everywhere who guard their territory well, we salute this Yankee Ballboy for his great catch on a line drive that was slammed into foul territory by a Boston power hitter. Also, kudos for handing the ball to the kid with the big grin. Made his day! Well done!

Go Yankees!

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