Game 80: NYY vs. SD — An evening of challenges

The 42,315 fans at Petco Park tonight were treated to a beautiful California coast sunset as they settled in for a night of baseball. Having toured the stadium last summer, it is fun to see how polished and ready it is for the All-Star Game on July 12. Everything looks to have a special shine to it – from the stands to the “beach” seats to the classic Western Metal Supply building that sits squarely up against the left field fence.

Tonight, the Yankees attempted to win the second game of their interleague series against the Padres. Fans for both teams enthusiastically cheered throughout the evening. Home team cheers were countered with several raucous rounds of “Let’s Go Yankees!”. It seems even the “left coast” has ardent Yankee fans.

Both managers issued challenges and requested replays in tonight’s game. Girardi’s two challenges successfully overturned calls, while the one challenge from the Padres was upheld.  There was quite a lot of chatter from sports commentators and media sites about the delays caused when it took so much time for New York to send down their decision on these challenges tonight. I do understand it does seem to break the momentum of the game when players stand around waiting for a decision. But as for me, I still think I would prefer the  “powers that be” to take their time to be sure the call is correct. I  do not miss the yelling matches between managers and umpires. Nor do I miss protesting players rushing the field.

Strong pitching from both teams made for an interesting night at the ballpark. Ivan Nova and the opposing pitcher both had solid showings tonight. Their pitching duel kept the game scoreless till the 6th inning when Ellsbury’s hit to deep right field and Gardner’s bunt landed the Yankees in scoring position. Stalin Castro’s ground out to 1st advanced Gardner to 2nd as Ellsbury crossed the plate. The Yankees were finally on the board 1-0.

Dellin Betances took over for Nova in the 6th and gave up a hit that allowed the Padres to score to tie the game 1-1. Andrew Miller replaced Betances in the 8th and the score remained tied. The Yankees were three up and three down in the top of the 9th.

Hope for a 10th inning opportunity to score was shattered with a walk-off  home run for the Padres at the top of the ninth.

Final score: 2-1 Padres

Injury updates: Carlos Beltran still has tightness in his right hamstring, but Girardi told the press that Beltran should be back in the line up next week. Rookie pitcher Conor Mullee who left the game last night with numbness in his hand has been placed on the 15-day DL.

Congratulations to the Swisher family on the birth of their second daughter, Sailor Stevie. Nick Swisher has decided to opt out of his minor league deal with the Yankees, at least for now, so he can spend time with his family. Swisher says he has not lost his passion for the game, and will reassess his involvement with baseball at a later time. He graciously thanked the Yankees for all the opportunities offered to him.You will be missed, Nick Swisher!

Go Yankees!




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