Game 45: TOR vs. NYY — Back under par

Yesterday’s win made the Yankees 22-22 or .500 in the standings, but tonight’s loss put the Yankees a game under average now, though still solidly in the middle of the AL East.

Ivan Nova got the start for tonight’s game against the visiting Blue Jays and got a bit roughed up in his nearly 7 innings — 107 pitches, 7 allowed hits, 2 walks, and 4 runs, but a solid 8 strikeouts. The Blue Jays didn’t really make a dent until the 4th inning. With 2 outs and 2 runners on base with singles, they both scored on a long 2-RBI double. They added on another run with a lead-off solo home run in the 6th.

In the 7th, with 2 outs, Nova got a runner on with a hit-by-pitch. And that would be it for Nova, so they brought in Shreve who recently has been on an upswing. But much like tonight’s game as a whole, Shreve wasn’t exactly on an upswing either. His first batter hit a 2-run home run, his next a double, then another 2-run home run. And after 2 outs in the 8th, it was time to hand the ball over to reliever Nick Goody who promptly walked 2 batters and gave up an RBI single to add to Toronto’s lead.

In the meantime, the Yankees struck first tonight in the 3rd inning. With 1 out and bases loaded with 2 singles and a walk, Brett Gardner hit into a forced ground out at 2nd that scored Headley from 3rd. And the Yankees watched as the Blue Jays took the lead and then padded it until the 7th inning with back-to-back solo home runs by Chase Headley and Didi Gregorius to lead-off the inning (in almost the same spot in those right field seats too). Austin Romine comes in to pinch-hit and, on the first pitch, smacked the ball deep into the visitor’s bullpen, his first home run of the season.

Look, the numbers don’t lie tonight. Toronto’s pitchers pitched better. Toronto’s batters hit more and scored more runs. It’s sometimes that simple. And it’s okay to hate math on days like this. I know I do.

Final score: 8-4 Blue Jays

Injury news: An errant foul tip fractured Gary Sanchez‘s thumb in a game last night. Officially dubbed a “non-displaced fracture of the right thumb”, Sanchez will be on the minor league DL for some time, which will get solidified in 2 weeks after a follow-up x-ray to see how the healing is progressing. The biggest issue this could be is to show the depth of the catching should an issue arise with McCann or Romine.

Alex Rodriguez spent his rehab start in Trenton tonight hitting a solid home run, going 3-for-6 tonight. He should be back in lineup tomorrow. And Mark Teixiera was out of the lineup tonight (despite some really great numbers against tonight’s starter) with some recurring neck spasms. He will get an MRI to see if this is a deeper problem, but they’re going to treat with a cortisone shot and some rest to see if they can avoid a stint on the DL for him. This could also affect the depth at 1st, but there might be a reason for some recent pick-ups in the farm system.

Not exactly the greatest kind of post tonight — a loss, more injuries, back on the losing side of things. I blame it being Wednesday. Actually, I blame that annoying camel in those ads. Because when it doubt, always blame the camel for Wednesdays.

Go Yankees!

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