Game 28: BOS vs. NYY — Nasty Nate’s Saturday Special

Another day, another win. I could get used to this.

Nathan Eovaldi got to start this afternoon’s game against the visiting Red Sox, the middle game in this weekend series. And Eovaldi was back in Nasty Nate fashion, which was a nice way to keep the momentum going and make it 3 wins in a row. Eovaldi threw 107 pitches over his 8 solid innings, giving up just 6 hits and 2 runs, and striking out 6 batters “Nasty Nate” style.

With 1 out in the 2nd inning, a batter was hit by a pitch, moved to 2nd on a ground out, and then scored on an RBI single. And a 1-out solo home run scored the Red Sox 2nd and final run of the afternoon. Then, Eovaldi handed the ball over to reliever Nick Goody for the 9th, who breezed through it in 12 pitches and 2 nice strike outs to close out the game.

Yes, between “Nasty Nate”, Goody, and the defense, the Yankees were on their way to something good if the bats could do something productive. And they did. So there was something good to talk about today.

First, the starting pitcher for the Red Sox is that guy I’ve mentioned before, an ace starting pitcher formerly with the Rays and Tigers before signing recently with Boston. And while normally, he’s something to be feared, it just seems that many of the major milestones of the Yankees are off this guy, including some much needed wins in recent history. Someone on my Twitter feed jokingly wished this pitcher could start every game against the Yankees. I understand that sentiment, especially after the recent dip in the statistics. (I refuse, like Yogi, to call it a “slump”.)

The Yankees got things started on the offense side of things in the 3rd inning. Headley led things off with a single, moved to 2nd on Gregorius’ sacrifice bunt, and then scored on Austin Romine’s double. Then in the 4th, back-to-back singles and a 1-out walk loaded the bases, which made hope rise in the Bronx. Hope was granted despite the 2 outs on the board when Didi Gregorius’ double (though most people thought it should be a triple as he ended up on 3rd “on the throw”, apparently) scored all 3 runners to give the Yankees the lead (and then some).

The Yankees came back in the next inning with 2 runners on base with walks and 2 outs so that another double (this one by Carlos Beltran) scored all the previous runners, continuing to make everyone (well, almost everyone) in the Bronx even happier. And then when they came back and loaded the bases again in the next inning, Aaron Hicks’ sacrifice fly scored lead runner Gregorius to add one more run. And Headley’s single in the 8th kicked off one more run when he scored on Romine’s 2nd RBI double of the afternoon. Because… deja vu.

Final score: 8-2 Yankees

And that’s my kind of baseball game — a win over the Red Sox on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the greatest city in the world. (I may be a little biased.)

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Go Yankees!

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