Game 24: NYY vs. BAL — Same song, different city

Traveling musicians play virtually the same concert set-up nearly every night until it gets a little old, and then they change it up some so they don’t get ridiculously bored with their own music and regret ever writing that hit song that every single ticket holder from Portland to Poughkeepsie wants to hear them sing. A different venue, a different city needs give them the opportunity to change things up a bit and get reenergized and passionate about their music once again.

The Yankees have been on this road trip for a while now, and they haven’t changed their set list. So the music is getting stale. The fans are restless, and it’s feeling a little frustrating and depressing. Time to shake things up, boys. We need some of that classic Yankee music — sounds like winning with a bit of harmonic home runs to emphasize the cacophony of the cheering hordes in the stands.

Alright, enough of the musical metaphors. The Yankees were in Baltimore tonight for the first game of their midweek series there. And the attendance for tonight’s game was just dismal — Camden Yards was at 35% capacity. Charm City residents have no excuse — the nearby NHL playoff team (Washington Capitols) don’t play until tomorrow night, and there’s literally nothing else happening on a Tuesday night in the area. (Some political stuff happened elsewhere in this country, but Maryland’s primary was last week.)

Nope, they’re just not quite ready for baseball season, I guess. That’s okay, the Tampa Bay area is having the same trouble (but that’s for another series’ conversation coming soon).

Luis Severino continued his tragic loss streak earning his 4th loss of the season so far. He threw 105 pitches over his 6 innings, giving up 5 hits, 2 walks, and 4 runs (though just 3 were earned), and striking out 4 batters. In the 2nd, the lead-off batter his the first of his 2 home runs tonight. Severino then loaded up the bases in several ways including a missed catch by himself (running to cover 1st) but got out of it in the last second with a pop out.

Then in the 4th, a 2-out double scored on another missed catch error by Severino to double the Orioles’ score. Then with a lead-off double in the 5th, a 2-out 2-run home run (that same batter as before) proceeded to double their score again.

Yates and Barbato each took an inning to cap off the night, both back into the same fighting shape that the bullpen seems to be very good at this season (one of the few consistent positives of this season). Honestly, it was the brightest part of the night for the Yankees were these final 2 innings.

The Yankees offense played with our heart-strings sometimes tonight, but only managed one run this evening. McCann led off the 2nd inning with a walk, moved to 2nd on Beltran’s single, then ended up at 3rd during a double play, and then scored on Didi Gtegorius’ single. They accumulated 7 hits (2 fewer than the Orioles, by the way) and 4 walks (again, 2 fewer than the Orioles) and couldn’t seem to collect any more runs than that 2nd inning score.

Final score: 4-1 Orioles.

Alex Rodriguez seemed to tweak his hamstring some on his final at-bat tonight (the 5th inning) and was pinch-hit later in the game. Rodriguez will get an MRI to find out if he will have a DL stint, but he doesn’t seem to think that the current “soreness” will merit such a conclusion.

And let me just say that I certainly hope not. Not just because it would be terrible for him personally to have to sit out and deal with an injury (that’s never a good thing), but also because Rodriguez is one of the only good offensive players on the team right now. Yes, that sounds as bad as I thought it would. Fingers crossed for nothing major.

Go Yankees!

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