Game 19: NYY vs. TEX — “Stormy Weather, just can’t get my poor self together”

Okay, you’ve got about 2 hours before a wicked storm system is going to sweep through the area. What do you do? Apparently, give up double digit runs and let the home team’s pitching just keep you swinging away or stranded on the bases. So much for Southern Hospitality.

First, if you are in the Texas-Oklahoma-Kansas area, stay safe. It’s going to be a nasty night for you folks. And then into tomorrow for the next set of states in the path of this storm.

But the Rangers seemed to take advantage of every opportunity that the Yankees seemed to serve up on a silver platter and just do what they didn’t the previous night — play really well. Luis Severino got roughed up again as the starter. In just 3 innings, Severino threw 74 pitches, giving up 7 hits, 6 runs, and 2 walks, striking out just a single Texas batter. A 1-out single in the 1st inning moved to 2nd on a ground out and then scored on an RBI single to get things started for the Rangers.

It would be the 3rd inning that would be the seal on Severino’s dreadful night. After getting 2 rather quick outs, he couldn’t seem to get that 3rd out for anything. He loaded up the bases with a single, a double, and an intentional walk, and then a walk scored the first runner of the inning. A single scored 2 more, putting runners on the corners so that a wild pitch could score yet another run. Another single scored one more run before a fly out mercifully ended the inning and Severino’s outing.

It was onto Ivan Nova for the next 4 innings, and all I can say is that he fared just a hair better. He was more efficient (just 46 pitches), but still gave up another 5 hits and 3 runs without recording a single strikeout. But, hey, no walks, so that’s something, I guess. (Desperation leaves one grasping for anything positive after a night like this, so bear with me.)

At least the runs Nova gave up were spread out some and much less damaging when taken separately — a 2-out solo home run in the 5th; back-to-back doubles in the 6th to score another; and after singles put runners on the corners, a wild pitch scored yet another run for the Rangers (the only real sloppy inning for Nova).

Chasen Shreve’s 8th inning was certainly the cleanest outing tonight, but even that wasn’t without a run scored — a 2-out solo home run to cap off the Rangers’ scoring tonight. Shreve, however, did something the other 2 did not — struck multiple batters out (2), bringing the grand total to 3 strikeouts for Yankee pitchers tonight. Basically, none of the pitching stats were good, including the 13 allowed hits.

The Rangers’ stats on the other hand were much better, with their starting pitching going a full 8 innings, only giving up 4 hits and a walk. And the lone run by a Yankee didn’t happen until the 7th inning. Brett Gardner led-off with a walk, moved to 3rd on Beltran’s single, and then scored on Mark Teixeira’s single.

Not exactly a night for the history books for the Yankees.

Final score: 10-1 Rangers.

One more game in Texas tomorrow before the Yankees take Thursday to travel to visit Boston. I always look forward to those games, but in light of recent struggles, this could go either 2 ways. First, the Yankees will continue to struggle, and it’s going to be a very long weekend. Or (and this is the one I’m hoping for) the rivalry weekend will energize the Yankees and send them into the following week remembering what kind of team they are.

And kudos to you if you know from what classic song I borrowed today’s blog post title. Felt a little too appropriate for both the actual weather and what must be a rather overcast visitor’s clubhouse tonight in Arlington. So if you don’t, here’s the original singer’s version, and the more popular version by another legend.

Go Yankees!

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