Game 10: SEA vs. NYY — Beltran good, RISP not so much

Yes, that is where we must start with this middle game of the weekend series against the Mariners. The Yankees have no trouble getting guys on the base paths. The problem, however, lies in getting them to cross home plate. (RISP, by the way, is the stat that tells us how many times a team leaves “runners in scoring position”, or runners at 2nd and/or 3rd base.)

Offensively, it was all about Carlos Beltran today. With 1 out and Teixeira on base with a walk in the 3rd, Beltran’s nice double (the ball briefly wedged under the center field wall) scored Teixeira for the first run of the game. And in the 7th, he tagged on another run with a 1-out solo home run into section 103 (right field seats).

Actually, the Yankees collected 10 hits and 6 walks off the Mariner’s pitchers (most off the Mariner’s ace starter, who really didn’t pitch as well as he usually does, by the way). But again, all those numbers mean nothing if they don’t add up to runs, leaving 24 runners on the bases once again.

Now, on the pitching side of things, the Yankees backed CC Sabathia to start this afternoon’s game. Sabathia went 4.2 innings with his 95 pitches, giving up 7 hits, a walk, and 3 runs, and striking out 5 (a nice statistic for Sabathia these days). Nearly all of that damage was done in the 5th inning, Sabathia’s final inning. A lead-off solo home run tied up the game for the Mariners. Then a single moved to 2nd on a ground out and got tagged out on his way home on a single (nice defense, guys!). But then, the Mariners jumped ahead with an RBI single and an RBI double.

And with 95 pitches and a roughed up inning, Sabathia was out, and Johnny Barbato was in and promptly got a solid strikeout. Barbato flew through the 6th inning flawlessly before the steadfast 7-8-9 trio swept through the Mariners. Shreve got a couple of singles and still got out of the 7th in just 12 pitches, then Betances and Miller got all 6 of their outs with strikeouts (grand total of Yankee strikeouts today: 13).

But all those pretty number don’t mean wins in the end. It’s all about runs scored. It’s always about the runs scored.

Final score: 3-2 Mariners.

Tomorrow’s game should be interesting. Tanaka is scheduled to start and will face off against former teammate Iwakuma. The two helmed the starting rotation on the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles in Japan. And after today’s rather disappointing game, this does make for an interesting little bit of trivia to look forward to tomorrow.

Scranton Shuttle: Tyler Olson down, Branden Pinder up. Yeah, I still feel like I’m talking about a soccer/football in-game exchange. I hope these guys get miles for their travels.

Also, across the league, our thoughts and prayers go out to a few people in Florida. At the Rays-White Sox games last night, a female fan was struck in the face by a foul ball and had to be stretchered out of the stadium to a local hospital. The ball slipped through a previously unnoticed hole in the netting. The batter Souza of the Rays was so concerned for the woman, he went into the stands himself to see if she was okay. She was conscious and talking as EMTs escorted her from the field. Two other Rays players were injured in an on-field collision later in the game as well, but are just a little banged up.

And emergency prayers are with Mets’ pitcher Jacob deGrom. He was on standard paternal leave because his wife Stacey was giving birth to their son Jaxon in their hometown in central Florida on Monday, but there are unspecified complications. So the Mets granted him emergency family leave to be with his wife and son during this crucial time.

Go Yankees!

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