Spring Game 33: NYY vs. MIA — And it’s off to the Bronx

The Yankees played their final Spring Game in Miami this afternoon. And all I can say is I’m glad the pre-season is over. (I’ll be doing a Spring wrap-up tomorrow night in preparation for the start of the regular season this Monday.)

In their final game, the Yankees started things off with Jacoby Ellsbury’s lead-off solo home run to right field for an easy run to start the game. Unfortunately, that is the extent of the Yankees’ run-scoring today. Not that the Marlins were any better in actuality.

Luis Severino got the start, a rather rocky start. Well, a rocky start for Severino, and he still manages to strike out 6 Marlin’s batters in 5 innings. Anyway, he gave up 3 hits, a walk, and 2 runs (though just 1 was earned). In the 1st, a single, a walk, and a ground out put runners in scoring position, and a sacrifice fly scored a run to tie up the game. In the 3rd, a batter reached on a throwing error and wound up scoring on a 2-out single a little later.

And that was the grand total of scoring from either team today. The Marlins rotated through their bullpen keeping the Yankees from doing much — just 4 allowed hits and a walk, striking out 6 Yankee batters. And the Yankees were about even with their bullpen display — 3 allowed hits, 4 walks, and a solid 10 total strikeouts. Chapman, Miller, Yates, and Barbato threw the last 4 innings for the Yankees, keeping the Marlins off the bases (save a few stragglers) and keeping the Yankees within 1-run and anticipating the Yankees offense would pick up at some point. It did not.

Final score: 2-1 Marlins.

Roster update: the Yankees traded Carlos Corporan to the Rays for cash considerations. Of course, the general consensus was a groan because he got traded to a division rival and not say San Diego where the Yankees won’t have to face his solid defense on a semi-regular basis. Which is a really great compliment to the catcher. Best of luck!

And that was Andrew Miller who got some pitching work in today, despite the chipped bone in his catching hand. People have dubbed him quite the “gamer” for playing through, but really, what else could he do? He can still pitch. (Clearly.) So game on, gamer.

Go Yankees!

{Media note: once again, no broadcast = no video highlights. Wasn’t really a highlight-worthy game, so no worries! Enjoy your weekend!}

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