Spring Game 29: NYY vs. ATL — Braves blanked, pained pitchers, Disney ditties

It’s a small world after all…” nope. “When you wish upon a star…” nah. “A dream is a wish your heart makes…” not that either. But whenever I write about the Yankees visiting the Braves, it cannot go unmentioned that the Braves’ Spring home is at the Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World, just outside of Orlando. Look, it’s a great stadium, one of the best ones in the Grapefruit League, something I’d expect being as it’s Disney and all. But I can never seem to find the right Disney pun for these games, and for that reason (okay, not the only reason), I’m glad I’m not blogging for the Braves where a requisite Disney reference would be almost demanded on every home game. (Though I’m sure by the end of this post I’ll think of some obscure reference, even if I have to call my Disney-obsessed friend to help me out.)

So, the Yankees made the I-4 trek eastward to Disney to visit the Braves, with several key players to watch as the clock is ticking down to wind up Spring Training in these last few games. Ivan Nova (in contention for that 5th starter’s spot against Sabathia) put up his best outing this Spring with pretty decent case — allowing just 2 hits, 1 walk, and no runs, striking out only 2 batters (but getting lots of ground outs) over his 6 innings. Nova was certainly in near-SuperNova form today. But the conversation seemed to go towards Sabathia in the long run due to his veteran status (more than anything else) and the fact that Nova does have a brief stint in the bullpen on his resume. Nova will be an easy slide into the rotation, however, should anything happen. (Though this is still pretty much conjecture without an official announcement, so I could be really wrong come tomorrow night when the final list is to be released.)

Then, with no score on either side of the diamond, the Yankees called on Andrew Miller who promptly took a comebacker off his right wrist. Throwing down his hat in anger (already thinking how awful to start the season with something terrible like a broken hand), Miller was escorted off the field with a severe bruise appearing on that right wrist. He was sent back to Tampa where x-rays came back negative. As a precaution, they will run a CT scan and do other tests if necessary, but basically, it seems that Miller will be nursing a rather sore right hand for a bit. (Thank goodness he’s a lefty!)

Dellin Betances came on to complete Miller’s 7th inning, getting 3 quick strikeouts. Later, after chatting with Miller, Betances seemed rather unconcerned about Miller’s injury, even commenting that they’ll probably have a nice laugh about it later but that he (and we) will be praying for the best in the mean time. Smart man.

The day after Bryan Mitchell was told he made the 25-man roster, Mitchell managed to load up the bases with a hit and 2 walks but still managed to get out of the 8th inning with no runs scored. However, on the last play, Mitchell went to cover 1st on the ground out and came up limping after spraining his toe. There shouldn’t be much there, but he will be sent for precautionary tests like an MRI just in case.

“Poor unfortunate souls…” (found one!)

Anyway, reliever Kirby Yates closed out the Yankees’ stellar pitching today with a beautiful 9th inning, with 2 strikeouts. Conversations are very much circulating for filling out that 25-man roster, with Yates’ name in that mix, rightly so. I think tomorrow’s announcement will mostly confirm many of these “conversations”, but I do expect a few surprises. They do like to keep the waiting public on the edge of their seats sometimes.

And while the Yankees did rack up 10 total hits (to the Braves’ 4), the Yankees didn’t break through that scoreless streak until the 8th inning. Fowler and Fleming led-off with back-to-back triples to get the Yankees on the board. Fleming then scored on Austin Romine’s 1-out RBI single to complete the scoring for the day. It would be enough.

Final score: 2-0 Yankees. (“I can go the distance… I know every mile will be worth my while…” my Disney friend will be proud.)

Of course, Romine is that other name frequenting conversations due to that back-up catcher’s job. However, today is the last day of Corporan’s contract’s opt-out clause, so an email was sent out to 29 clubs this morning in hopes that someone needs a solid back-up catcher. And believe me, based on what I’ve seen in Spring Training, I can think of at least four teams that clearly do (and that’s just in the Grapefruit League). But then again, nothing’s official yet.

Ronald Torreyes was told today that he made the 25-man roster as the back-up infielder. Most definitely a well-deserved promotion for the young infielder. He’s been on our radar here for some time, making the “One to Watch” a few times. It will be good to see him make his pinstriped debut soon. Congrats!

And seeing as it’s Wednesday, and there’s just one more home game (2 more games in Miami against the Marlins Friday and Saturday) before Opening Day on Monday, I’ll just leave you with the ultimate Disney reference before I “Let It Go“…

“Hakuna Matata…” (okay, maybe it wasn’t as difficult as I thought!)

Go Yankees!

{Media note: No video highlights today… and the best Disney reference to use when you don’t know what to say… “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”}

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