Spring Game 7: NYY vs. MIA — CC starts the almost no-hitter loss

The Yankees were running a collective no-hitter for the majority of the 2-hour and 13-minute game in Miami against the Marlins. And then everyone talked about that, so the jinx kicked in (if you believe in that stuff) and broke the no-hitter. Bummer. For a lot of reasons, but we’ll get there.

However, CC Sabathia made his Spring debut today, and he did really good. I’d say it wasn’t a bad way to start 2016 after knee issues and rehab last year, but it was a good start regardless of the battles he fought in 2015. It’s nice to see him back on the mound for a couple of innings, giving up a walk and striking out 2 Marlins’ batters. (If you missed yesterday’s post, I included a link to Sabathia’s personal story about his offseason rehab and recovery. It’s definitely worth the read and encouragement.)

Backing up Sabathia on the mound came prospects Cessa, Olson, and Yates for the next four innings, striking out 3 batters (1 each) and only giving up 1 walk. And it was smooth sailing for the Yankees until the 7th inning. After 2 quick outs, reliever Nick Rumbelow felt the pressure and struggled just a bit through his inning — a walk allowed a runner on base, and a single broke the no-hitter and put runners on the corners. Another single scored the lone run of the game before the Yankees got a lucky break with ground out to the force at 2nd to close out the inning.

An inning too late, Chasen Shreve got the Yankees’ pitching back into no-hitter territory. But the spell was broken and the Marlins had a bit of a leg-up on the Yankee offense.

Now, the Yankees were hitting and getting on base, right from the start too. But they weren’t scoring runs. And in the end, you can hit all you want, but unless you cross home plate, it doesn’t matter how many guys you get on base.

In total, the Yankees got 8 base runners, with 5 hits and 3 walks, compared to the Marlins’ 2 hits (and 3 walks), but the Marlins’ lone little run is what swung the game their way.

Final score: 1-0 Marlins.

I wish I could say there was “one to watch” today, but the truth is as it was a pitcher’s game, and the key pitchers (Sabathia and Shreve) are on the 40-man roster, there isn’t one to watch today. Better luck tomorrow, boys!

Before yesterday’s game against the Astros, the Yankees met with an amazing young man named Landis Sims. Landis is a 10-year-old kid with a rare condition — he was born with no hands or lower legs. But he certainly doesn’t let that stop him — he’s an active member of his local Little League (a small Indiana town near Louisville, KY) and an avid Yankees fan. Two years ago, he visited the Yankees at Spring Training, meeting his favorite Yankee (Jeter), and when the Yankees got word that Landis was coming back they decided to make a big splash for their #1 fan.

So, they signed him to a 1-day contract yesterday, allowed him to hang out with the players, wear his own Yankees’ uniform, and take batting practice as part of the team (in Teixeira and Rodriguez’s BP group too). Apparently, he “made solid contact” in his BP and nearly hit the pitcher with a line drive. Then he helped bring the lineup card out to the umpires before the game yesterday.

Landis is a great kid and a solid ball player. I think we’ll see more from this kid in the future. And with technological advancements these days, who knows that there won’t be a place for him in pinstripes one day. Or perhaps in a form of pinstripes. Some thing tells me this kid won’t give up making that happen any time soon.

Go Yankees!

{Media Note: Yet again, another media-less game. Sorry. Not much I can do about that, and fortunately again, not much to see anyway.}


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