Championship Series ALCS3: KC vs. TOR — Lots of hits, lots of runs, lots of blue

ALCS 3 — Royals at Blue Jays

19 runs, 26 hits, 7 walks. All totals that dictate that tonight was more about the poor pitching than some amazing power at the plate. Neither starter really had a great outing. I mean, the winning pitcher from the Blue Jays gave up 11 hits and got just 1 strikeout in his 6.1 innings. It was not a good day for pitchers.

In the 1st inning, the Royals led-off the game with a triple that scored on a ground out to open the scoring tonight. In the bottom of the 2nd, the Blue Jays came back and jumped ahead. With runners in scoring position and 2 outs, a single scored both of them and then that runner scored on another single. It was a lead the Jays never gave up.

In the 3rd inning, the Royals added one more run to their total with a 1-out double scoring on a force ground out. But in the bottom of that inning, the Blue Jays secured their lead (and essentially their win tonight). Two runners on base with a single and walk scored on a 3-run home run. After a walk scored on an RBI double, the Royals had enough of their starter and opted for a long-term reliever. Two outs later, a 2-run home run pushed Toronto’s total up 9-2 over Kansas City.

The 5th inning shook things up again. The Royals led-off with a single and a double. A wild pitch scored one of those runners before the batter took a bouncing foul ball off his mouth (and got a rather fat and bloody lip in the process). A single added one more run a few batters later. The Blue Jays added one more of their own with a 2-out solo home run in the bottom of the 5th.

In the bottom of the 8th, the Blue Jays faced the Royals third and final reliever adding just one more run to their big total with an RBI single. And in a last-minute rally, the Royals took advantage of a new Blue Jays reliever and let into him a bit. With 2 runners in scoring position and no outs, a sacrifice fly scored one run and a single scored the next forcing another pitching change. Then a nice 2-run home run gave the Royals a nice boost, but two outs later, and Toronto celebrated their first win of this series.

Final score: 11-8 Blue Jays, Royals lead series 2-1.

And in amusing Yankees’ news: so apparently, while most athletes use their off-season to vacation, relax with family, catch up on their Netflix queue, Alex Rodriguez has been busy hanging out with broadcasters for the two sports he played in high school — football and baseball. Rodriguez did some pre-game commentary before tonight’s game, but it was Sunday’s NFL commentary that got everyone talking.

So, during a rather amusing segment where the regular on-air broadcasters were joshing with their guest, Rodriguez, about not having really thrown a football in some time (Rodriguez admitted it to being over 20 years), they asked him to toss the football to one of their guys standing in front of a giant wall of screens. And as if it was a set-up for one of those old video clip shows, the Yankees’ designated hitter threw the football a little long and pelted it into one of the screens, shattering it.

It quickly became a trending topic online, even Rodriguez himself tweeting about the incident. There were some on-air jokes about deducting the $6000 to replace the screen from his salary, but later the network asked Rodriguez to autograph the shattered screen.

And now, there’s a shattered $6000 screen to prove that Rodriguez made the right choice over 20 years ago choosing the baseball draft over a football scholarship.

Go Yankees!

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