Championship Series ALCS 1: TOR vs. KC — Royally shut out

And we’re in the backstretch of postseason now, to use another sports metaphor. It’s baseball’s answer to the Final Four, and only one of these teams was in my original bracket. So before I devolve into a sports metaphoric downward spiral, there was the first of many more games left of this postseason before we can crown a new World Champion.

ALCS 1 — Blue Jays at Royals

The best thing I can say about the Blue Jays’ pitching is that they didn’t walk anybody tonight. It wasn’t that it was terrible. In fact, I’ve seen regular season wins that are worse than the Jays’ pitchers tonight, but in the play-offs, it’s these kinds of things that matter, the little things that make all the difference.

Volquez, the Royals’ starter had an excellent night, giving up just 2 hits in his 6 innings, and despite also allowing 4 walks, he kept the Blue Jays scoreless. It was a trend he established for the rest of the bullpen, which they very effectively maintained while the Royals took advantage of the less than sharp pitching of the Toronto staff to build and keep their momentum.

In the 3rd, a lead-off double scored on an RBI double before that runner would score on a 2-out single to give the Royals a nice lead. And a 2-out solo shot in the 4th gave them that insurance run. But it would be 8th inning that would seal it for the home team. The lead-off batter was hit by a pitch and then moved to 2nd on a single. A 1-out double scored 1 run, and a sacrifice fly scored the other.

Final score: 5-0 Royals.

I wish I could say more about this game, but really, it was a standard ball game, all things considered. And the enthusiastic home crowd, decked in their royal blue was interesting to watch. Though someone asked me during the game if it seemed hard to me to find Blue Jays fans in the crowd because they all wear the same color. I doubted there was much Canadian representation in the Midwest tonight, just as much as I doubt there will be much Kansas City representation in Toronto next week. But that blue though…

Yeah, I think I’d pick a different color other than bright blue or crayon red just to stand out more. I guess that why I can get behind Colorado’s purple or Miami’s very distinctive orange or even San Diego’s hunter green. Every team in the LCS has this bright blue in their color scheme — Royals, Toronto, Cubs, and Mets. So maybe the key to winning is the commonality of the color. Or maybe just this year. Or maybe it has absolutely nothing to do with it at all, and I’m looking for weird things during a rather normal game.

Long October still in progress…

Go Yankees!

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