Game 157: BOS vs. NYY — The 1st inning mess

Okay, let’s just face facts — if either team could eliminate one inning from tonight’s game, they would both definitely pick the 1st inning. Basically, the game was set and defined by what can only be the terrible starting pitching of both starters. Both tampered down mostly following that inning, and it became a fairly normal game (though not in favor of the Yankees, to be fair). Just a really messy game overall actually.

In the second of the four-game series against the visiting Red Sox, Michael Pineda got the start. Overall, he threw 91 pitches in his 6 innings, gave up 7 total hits and 7 runs, striking out 4 Boston batters. Now, to be fair, he gave up 32 of those pitches, 6 runs, and 5 hits in the 1st inning alone. A lead-off double moved to 3rd on a single and then scored on a force out to start the run rally that would be the 1st inning. A double put runners in scoring position, and a fielder’s choice scored another run and put runners on the corners. A nice double scored yet another run before a 3-run home run cleared the bases before Pineda finally got control of the inning and shut the Red Sox down.

Of course, down 6-0, the Yankees answered back on their own terms. Ellsbury led-off with a double and ended up at 3rd on Gardner’s single. After a strikeout and Gardner’s stolen base, the two of them were in scoring position, so they did — Ellsbury scored on Brian McCann’s ground out and Gardner on Carlos Beltran’s double. And to cap it off, Dustin Ackley’s 2-run home run scored Beltran and kept the Yankees within striking distance.

Except they didn’t capitalize on that at all. And it just got worse.

A lead-off solo home run in the 5th added an extra cushion to the Red Sox’s lead. Once Pineda was done for the evening, it was Bryan Mitchell for the 7th and 8th innings. Mitchell kept things solid through the 7th inning but faltered slightly in the 8th. After 2 consecutive strikeouts, Mitchell walked a batter and then gave up a 2-run home run that all but solidified the Red Sox win. And Chris Martin wasn’t exactly a walk in the park either, loading the bases with a double, a walk, and a 1-out single. The only run scored on a forced ground out. But that sealed the deal.

The Yankees weren’t poking any more holes in the Red Sox pitching, though to be fair, after the 1st inning, the Boston starter turned into a really stellar pitcher for his next 7 innings. Bottom line: despite that 1st inning, the Yankees just weren’t able to capitalize on anything and seemed rather stymied by the Red Sox’s pitching tonight.

Final score: 10-4 Red Sox. (By the way, I’ve said it before, I hate it when the Yankees lose, but I really hate it when they lose to the Red Sox.)

Yankee great Yogi Berra was laid to rest today in Montclair, New Jersey. Several former Yankee legends, alumni, current players, and MLB VIPs were in attendance to say farewell to the legend, but they were so good as not to draw attention away from the man they were there to honor. Somehow, I don’t think that would’ve been possible anyway; Yogi could hold a room in a look, a mannerism, an awkward turn of phrase that made all the difference. MLB executive, former Yankee manager, and fellow Hall of Famer Joe Torre was asked to give the eulogy, and New York’s own distinguished cardinal Timothy Dolan delivered the mass. The Berra family was later presented with the American flag to honor Berra’s service as Seaman 2nd Class in the US Navy during World War II; honorably discharged, he was granted full military honors.

We’ll miss you, Yogi. Hope we always do you proud — being kind each other, never being afraid to smile, chasing our own dreams with joy and passion. And that’s what I’ll remember about you.

Go Yankees!

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