Game 120: CLE vs. NYY — Sometimes, just don’t have anything

Sometimes, you have all the right stuff, and it seems like no matter what you do the world is out to get you. Sometimes, you don’t have anything, and no matter how much you try nothing’s going to happen. Tonight was one of those later nights.

The Yankees are hosting the Indians in a 4-game weekend series to finish off this ridiculously busy week. But tonight just wasn’t going to be their night. Ivan Nova got the start tonight and just really struggled through his 5 innings. He threw 94 pitches in those 5 innings, giving up 6 hits, 3 runs, and 2 walks, striking out 4 batters. In the 2nd, a lead-off walk scored on a double. In the 3rd, a 1-out single moved to 2nd on a groundout, and then scored on an RBI single. And in the 4th, with 2 outs, a walk moved to 3rd on a single and then scored on a single. Fortunately, it was the Indians, so that was the extent of the damage.

In the bottom of the 4th, Alex Rodriguez led-off with a solo home run to the left field bleachers, his 26th home run of the season. This put the Yankees on the board finally, but they just weren’t really hitting off the Indians starter beyond this. They got a grand total of 2 hits (including Rodriguez’s home run) off the Indians’ starter in his 7 innings. It’s not that the starter was that good. Like I said before, the Yankees just didn’t have the stuff really tonight.

Adam Warren took the 6th and 7th innings, effectively shutting the Indians down. Chris Capuano likewise took the next and final 2 innings and kept the Indians from adding to their meager lead. I say meager because a 2-run lead isn’t much in the long run. And it certainly wasn’t the final score.

The Yankees rallied a bit in the 9th inning with Rodriguez’s lead-off single and stolen 2nd base. After McCann struck out on a questionable called strike (which led to Girardi’s quiet and then heated ejection),  Carlos Beltran’s single scored Rodriguez. Suddenly, that stolen base looked like the most brilliant move of the game. Bird drew a walk, and Headley’s groundout moved Young and Ryan (pinch-running for Beltran and Bird, respectively) into scoring position. But a fly out ended the rally, the inning, and the game for the Yankees.

Final score: 3-2 Indians.

HOPE Week Day 4: Andrew Miller, Michael Pineda, John Ryan Murphy, Chris Capuano, Chasen Shreve, 3rd base coach Joe Espada, and two WWE wrestlers surprised some very special young girls today. The Hunterdon Huskies Contender Cheerleaders, of High Bridge, New Jersey, features about a dozen high school girls with various disabilities (including cerebral palsy and autism). Founder Debbie House was inspired by her work at the Jawonio Center, a place for those with developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, and chronic health issues, and saw an avenue for girls to participate in something energetic, positive, and team-building.

The Yankees donated $5000 to the cheer team and to the Jawonio Center and even spent the afternoon learning how to be a cheerleader. Let’s just say the guys should stick to their day job. Later, the girls watched batting practice on the field with more WWE stars before creating pom-pom tunnels and a break-away banner for the Yankees to run through and enter the field as the victorious champions they are. (By the way, I can get behind these kind of cheerleaders at a baseball game. They’re awesome!)

Go Yankees!



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