Game 112: NYY vs. CLE — The near-quiet fall from grace

It might have been a better option to have the slip from first to second in the division after yesterday’s exhausting game. But alas, the Yankees have slid from the pedestal back into the crowded pool of everyone else. Well, there’s still time to right the world again.

For the second game in this series in Cleveland, CC Sabathia got the start tonight against his former team. Though he was probably more concerned with flipping his pitching statistics from this season’s less than desirable numbers so far for Sabathia. Tonight, he threw 110 pitches in 6 innings, gave up 9 hits, 2 walks, and 2 runs, striking out just 2. Sabathia certainly had his Sabathia-like moments and innings, but once again, it was his struggles that cost him.

In the 5th, consecutive singles put runners on the base and a sacrifice bunt put them in scoring position. Another single scored the lead runner before a double play ended the Indians’ first offensive attempt. In the 6th, it seemed like history was repeating itself with consecutive singles to lead off the inning. A force out put runners on the corners before a single scored the runner from 3rd to give the Indians their two runs scored this game.

Chasen Shreve’s 7th inning was a very good once again, and recently recalled Nick Goody threw a great 8th inning. But with sluggish offense, it wouldn’t matter how the great the pitching in the latter part of the game. Overall, Yankee pitching gave up 10 hits, 3 walks, and struck out just 4 batters.

The Yankee offense was left with a single contribution — Brian McCann’s solo home run in the 2nd, his 19th homer of the season. Honestly, the Indians’ pitching was pretty decent tonight, with the starter going into the 8th inning, giving up just 4 hits and striking out 8. His lone flaw was the 5 walks that the Yankees couldn’t seem to do much with.

Though I will say that Didi Gregorius’ biggest contribution to tonight’s game was his wicked defensive skills with a diving stop in the 2nd (that was reviewed and eventually ruled an out) and a ridiculous, strong throw to end the 6th inning. And there was a great double play the Yankees pulled off to their perfection in the 3rd.

Final score: 2-1 Cleveland.

It’s back… unfortunately. Roster moves: after last night’s exhaustion of the bullpen, the Yankees were destined for some roster moves to bring up some fresh arms. So they called on Chris Capuano and Nick Goody to return. To make room, Branden Pinder was sent back to AAA, and Garret Jones has been designated for assignment once again. The latter being the hardest to take. Jones said that he wasn’t sure if he would accept a minor league assignment or opt for free agency, but he would prefer somewhere he could get some playing time and that alone might make staying with the Yankees rather difficult.

I came across a weird trivia fact today. Apparently, every home team at all 15 games yesterday won their game and made MLB history. The last time all home teams won their games was May 23, 1914, and then it was only 12 teams. Apparently, the  odds of all home teams winning like this is 1 in 32,768. (To be fair, the odds of winning Powerball are 1 in 175,000,000, and people win that all the time.)

Go Yankees!

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