Game 102: NYY vs. CHW — Second City’s slow suffering

Three hours and 56 minutes. That’s how long it took the Yankees to beat the White Sox tonight. And it was quite the event tonight in the Second City.

Nathan Eovaldi got the start for the Yankees, throwing 117 in just 5.2 innings, giving up 7 hits, 3 runs, and 3 walks, and striking out 5 Chicago batters. Eovaldi wasn’t as sharp tonight (as obvious by his higher pitch count and the lack of his recent nickname), but he was given enough leeway by the Yankees offense to earn his 11th win of the season. In the 3rd, with 2 outs and a runner on base with a double, a 2-run home run put the White Sox on the board. In the 5th, an RBI double gave Chicago an extra run.


Adam Warren came on in relief in the 6th inning to close out Eovaldi’s 6th. Warren then pitched through the 7th and 8th innings, giving up 4 more hits and 2 more runs. A single scored on an RBI triple in the 7th, and then that runner scored on a wild pitch. Nick Goody got in another inning for the Yankees, the 9th tonight. A lead-off double scored on a 2-out single to push the White Sox up to a total of 6 runs.

Now, this would be rather depressing and rather threatening if the Yankees hadn’t leaped ahead early and often in tonight’s game.

In the 1st, Alex Rodriguez hit a 2-out double and then later scored on Carlos Beltran’s double to get the runs started. In the 2nd, Murphy led-off with a single, moved to 2nd on Brendan Ryan’s single, and then moved to 3rd on Didi Gregorius’ sacrifice bunt. With 1 out, Young walked and the bases were loaded. Rodriguez’s single scored Murphy, keeping the bases loaded and setting up a monster play. Mark Teixeira hit a beautiful grand slam to push the Yankees’ lead wide open.

In the 4th, Young led-off with a double, moved to 3rd on a wild pitch, and then scored on another wild pitch. When Rodriguez walked, the White Sox opened their bullpen, calling on their first of 4 relievers tonight. Teixeira’s second home run of the evening, a 2-run home run (to center field again, his latest home run area of choice). The Yankees quickly loaded the bases again with Beltran’s single, Headley’s single, and Murphy’s walk. Ryan’s single scored Beltran, and Gregorius’ sacrifice fly scored Headley.

And then it was the 5th inning, with a new pitcher, Rodriguez led-off with a walk, moved to 3rd on Teixeira’s double, and then scored on Chase Headley’s 1-out single. In the 6th, Ryan led-off with a double, moved to 3rd on Gregorius’ ground out, and then scored on Jacoby Ellsbury’s single. Every single starter contributed in some way to tonight’s offense, multiple hits and RBIs and runs scored — 18 total hits, 12 total RBIs, and 9 total walks.

Two interesting things from tonight’s game: first, the only inning neither team scored in was the 8th inning; second, the best pitcher for the White Sox was their 9th inning reliever, a position player who threw just 12 pitches and topped out at 85 mph fastballs and bottomed out with his 50-63 mph curveballs.



Final score: 13-6 Yankees.

Doink-doink. (That’s supposed to be the Law & Order theme, as suggested by a reader.) It’s Roster Moves time! The Yankees outrighted Chris Capuano to AAA. All you “Cap fans” can relax as he’s still very much a part of the Yankees organization, but now he can work on some of the nagging issues before being called on again. For those of you wonder what happened with Esmil Rogers, he is on his way to play for the Korean Pro League after clearing waivers, in exchange for cash considerations. And to make room for Dustin Ackley, the Yankees chose to designated Garrett Jones for assignment; Ackley will play 1st, 2nd, and all three outfield positions (he played some left field late in tonight’s game). Jones’ fans, cross your fingers and hope for a similar fate to Capuano.

Outside of the Ackley-Flores-Ramirez deal this weak, the Yankees didn’t do anything else for the trade deadline today. The biggest deterrent to the Yankees making some kind of big deal as was assumed/rumored/talked about was that most teams were only willing to negotiate if prospects Judge or Severino were on the table. They weren’t so most teams moved on to other options, and Judge and Severino were safe in the Yankees system. For now, at least.

Go Yankees!

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