Spring Game 29: NYY vs. MIN — Not quite “Tanaka Time”

The Yankees had their final Spring off-day yesterday (and no, I don’t count Easter Sunday as an off-day because it’s usually packed with family ventures and many times that’s not exactly “taking it easy”). And today, a contingency took the two hour bus ride down to Fort Myers to face the Twins.

It was Masahiro Tanaka’s final Spring game before his start on Monday (aka “Opening Day”), and despite a decent effort, it was a loss. Over his 4.1 innings, Tanaka gave up 7 hits and 3 runs, striking out just 1. I’d call it a rare off-day for him, as his stuff just wasn’t as sharp. But the Twins have built up some decent hitters recently (including former Yankee Nunez, by the way). With 2 outs in the 3rd, the Twins got a double and an RBI single to put a run on the board. And then basically repeated the process in the 4th for their 2nd run. The Twins’ final run was a lead-off solo home run in the 5th.

Relievers Chris Martin, Branden Pinder, and Danny Burawa finished off the game and kept the Twins from adding to their runs, only giving up 1 hit (Burawa) over their duration. Martin was especially sharp over his 2.0 innings (closed out Tanaka’s 5th, through the 6th, and 1 out in the 7th), dealing the Twins 3 really nice strikeouts.

In comparison to the Twins total 8 hits, the Yankees did pretty much the same offensively with their 7 total hits. It just wasn’t as concise and needed to make the needed impact. Their lone run was score in the 4th inning — Young led-off with a single, 2 outs, Refsnyder walked, and Ramon Flores (who else lately?) singled home Young.

Flores went 2-for-4 today, responsible for 2 of those 7 Yankees hits. He really is something to watch.

Anyway, the Yankees lost to the Twins today, 3-1, as they ready to play their last 3 Spring games at home before the exhibition game in DC (against the Nationals) and then Opening Day.

Injury report: Mark Teixeira was hit on the side of his knee with a ball the other day and later diagnosed with a contusion (which, for you non-medical people, is a bruise much like the one I have on my own knee after colliding with the ground recently after slipping on an errant puddle). But it certainly hurts like {fill in your own word according to your own imagination} while it heals. But it looks like both he and Jacoby Ellsbury (on the mend after an oblique strain) are ready to play again, so expect them in the line-up again soon. But Didi Gregorius’ still has some swelling in his sprained wrist (injured Sunday after landing awkwardly on it during a play) so he may be out of the line-up until he can do basic things like swing a bat without pain or injuring himself even worse.

Honestly, it’s really been a pretty good Spring, defying all the projected conversations about how they might fare missing some of their former dynastic celebrities. The Yankees have a very long history, often storybook-like in its tragic years (even decades, like the 1980s) to its golden eras of championships to its memorialized players of all eras. The Yankees existed (and were both very, very good and very, very bad) long before me, and at the rate they’re going, they’ll exist (and be both very, very good and very, very bad) long after me. And I’m okay with that.

Go Yankees!

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