Spring Game 9: NYY vs. BAL — Headley shines in loss

It’s another bright, sunshiney, steamy day in Florida, and today brought the Yankees to Sarasota to visit the Orioles.

Chase Whitley took the start today and struggled some in the 1st of his 3 innings, but still managed to keep the Orioles from scoring. Rogers continued Whitley’s work in the 4th inning, but Branden Pinder’s struggles in the 5th were a point-of-no-return for the Yankees. A lead-off single, a wild pitch, an RBI double, and an RBI single put the Orioles on top of the Yankees 2-0 all before an out was scored. Pinder tamped down and got himself quickly out of the inning, but the damage was done. In the 7th, pitcher Chasen Shreve’s sole weak pitch became a solo home run to give the O’s their 3rd and final run of the afternoon.

But the Yankees weren’t hitting much today. Well, except for Chase Headley, who went 3-for-3 after some early Spring troubles (coming into the game going 1-for-12). Headley got 3 of the Yankees’ 6 total hits in today’s game. The other hitter who made a decent impact for the Yankees was Gary Sanchez, whose 9th inning lead-off solo home run put the Yankees on the board with their lone score of the day.

In the end, it would be 3-1 Orioles. And if it makes anyone feel any better, the Yankees are 5-3-1 to the Orioles 3-6-0 for the Spring so far. But then again, all these scores mean absolutely nothing come April 6. It’s still very much anyone’s game.

And in Yankee Universe news, the Yankees announced today that they are appointing Yankee great Hideki Matsui as Special Advisor to the GM. He will be scouring through the farm system looking for hitters and hitting needs of the Baby Bombers. A press conference will be held tomorrow for the formal announcement. It makes me smile that Matsui will continue to build on his legacy and impact in a new capacity with the Yankees.

Go Yankees!

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