World Series Game 5: KC vs. SF — A Giant shutout

Okay, I know I’ve raved about the starter for the Giants from tonight’s game, but tonight he continued to just boost my esteem for him to whole new levels. Well, I guess throwing a complete shutout in the World Series would certainly do that for most pitchers in my mind, but his stats tonight are just spectacular — 117 pitches, 9 innings, just 4 hits allowed, and 8 strikeouts. The only negative thing I can find about this young pitcher is that he doesn’t play for the Yankees.

I’m guessing the Royals weren’t all that happy about playing against a young pitcher on a roll either.  Here’s what happened in the Royals’ offense: 4 hits, no runs, no walks, no other baserunners. (So the correct answer would be “nothing”.)

But the Giants were a very different story, with 12 hits, 2 walks, and 5 runs. In the 2nd, with 2 runners on, a ground out scored their first run, and an RBI single scored the second in the 4th. But the real kicker for the Giants was their offensive attack on the Royals relievers in the 8th inning. After a solid 7th inning for the Royals reliever, he promptly gave up 2 singles to put runners on base to threaten enough to have the Royals’ manager replace him. A strikeout later, a Giants’ batter hit a deep, almost home run ball for a double that scored both of those runners; that batter ended up on 3rd due to a throwing error during the play. He would then score on the next batter’s single.

And the Royals’ response? Go quietly into the cool San Francisco evening, and regroup on their way back home to Kansas City. Now, the Giants are looking to win Game 6 to win their 3rd series in 5 years, while the Royals are praying for a Game 7 to win their first series in 29 years. It’s still anybody’s game, anybody’s title to win. Well, not anybody. The winner will definitely either be Kansas City or San Francisco, but you know what I mean.

World Series Game 5: Giants over Royals 5-0, Giants lead series 3-2

In very sad news, word circulated today during the game that a young rookie from the Cardinals’ organization was killed today in a car accident in the Dominican Republic. Oscar Tavares played on the postseason roster with the Cardinals and even hit the game-tying home run against the Giants just 2 weeks ago in St. Louis. The accident that killed the 22-year-old outfielder also took the like of his 18-year-old girlfriend. Please keep the families of Tavares and Edilia Arvelo in your prayers as they deal with their inexplicable loss.

“This Day in Yankees History” takes us once again to 1996. 18 years had passed since the “Bronx is Burning” years, the Reggie Jackson-fueled team of controversy and dynamism that took them to the Series and won twice. And under new manager Joe Torre, with some fresh-faced rookies (or semi-rookies) named Rivera, Posada, Pettitte, and Jeter, not many people really believed that 1996 would be their year. But oh, how these tough rag-tag group of guys proved them all wrong. On this date in 1996, the Yankees beat the Braves 3-2 in Game 6 and thus their 23rd title, starting what would be known as the “Torre Dynasty” (1996-2003, winning the title 4 times over those years). The Yankees were back, and they weren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Go Yankees!

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