Happy Birthday, #7

Reblogging this today… was thinking about this story when I remembered it was Mantle’s 83rd birthday!

Yankees Life

Mantle The Legend, Mickey Mantle, #7
via Google Images

Today would have been the great Mickey Mantle’s 82nd birthday. I’m going to say this right off the bat (pun intended) with full disclosure — my absolute favorite Yankee of all time is the great #7 himself Mickey Mantle. I have lists of my favorite Yankees (which I will disclose and explore more in detail following the World Series, so stay tuned) in many seasons of the Yankees history — like the Classic Era (pre-expansion/pre-1961), Recent Alumni (1961-recently retired), and Current Roster (that changes every year). And while Mantle most definitely tops the Classic Era list, he also tops my All-Time Yankee list. And today is his birthday.

So in honor of his birthday, here’s a nice story about the Mick during his later playing years from a friend of our family:

Patti and Mikey were twins. In the early 60’s, they…

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