Quick Yankees update… B-Rob, K-Long, #28 hopes

Okay, in the interim between the non-Yankees Championship Series and the non-Yankees World Series, there is not much in the way of current news. When there’s not a game, I toy with the idea of blogging something for my loyal readers (and for the random person who stumbles across my blog), but unless I want to put some effort into research or have planned ahead for a non-game series of posts (which are coming following the World Series, I promise), then it’s usually an off-day for this blogger.

However, when I start collecting information on the team, I have to debate what’s worth sharing and what isn’t worth my 15 seconds to read in the first place, let alone passing the information along. But after a couple of stories collect that I do want to share, it becomes necessary to work on a Saturday night (apparently). Consider tonight’s post just for you as it seems I couldn’t help myself tonight.

If you were wondering what happened to Brian Roberts after he was let go by the Yankees in August as they needed to make room for some of their late-season additions, there is an update. Roberts spent 13 of his 14 MLB seasons with the Orioles before joining the Yankees this year, being signed off free agency this Spring. After much deliberation, the 37-year-old infielder decided to hang up his cleats for good. Best of luck to him in his post-career ventures, including I’m sure spending much-needed time with his young family!

And in coaching news, while recently released hitting coach Kevin Long is already being pursued by a multitude of teams, the Yankees are beginning their search for a new voice for their offense. Several names have been tossed around, but no deals or news in that front just yet. But they still have time — somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-ish months before Spring Training begins.

If someone were to tell me what the 2014 Yankees would look like (and who would be on the team) last October, I don’t know if I would really take them seriously. But as all the pieces fell together just as February rolled around, it was shaping into what became the team that wouldn’t give up, and the team that no one believed in. I admire tenacity in this form, the belief so deep in each other and in oneself that nothing could deter you from striving for the goal regardless. Yes, it’s disappointing to fall short, but that perseverance and passion is a core trait of the Yankees. It’s what made them winners in the past and it’s what will carry them onto their next title be it in 2015 or whenever. But please let it be 2015.

Go Yankees!

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