ALCS Game 3 postponed

ALCS Game 3 is postponed because it’s raining bucket in Kansas City with nary a sign of stopping anytime soon. That means the teams are giving up their travel day to play continuously for the next 5 days (3 in Kansas City, then 2 in Baltimore); of course, all that depends on if the Royals continue to steamroll over the Orioles. The final 3 games are currently marked “as necessary” as it’s a best-of-7 series. We shall see…

Okay, when I thought up the Yankee Universe trivia fact when nothing’s going on, it was this anniversary I was thinking of. “This Day in Yankee History” in 2012, the Yankees were playing the Tigers in ALCS Game 1 in New York. And in the “break heard ’round the world”, a diving stop by a well-known (now retired) shortstop began a long, arduous journey that ultimately led to said shortstop retiring from his long-standing position. (You can read my memories of that series and that very scary evening here.)

The Tigers would go on to sweep the Yankees before advancing to the World Series to be swept by the Giants. At the time, a slew of Yankee fans considered that sweep the revenge for “breaking Jeter’s ankle”, though I think that may be taking things a bit too far. Let’s be honest, the most important thing wasn’t revenge but rather health to enjoy what would be his final games in pinstripes and onto the rest of (what will hopefully be) his very long post-career life. So I think we can all be grateful that two years later Jeter is now embarking on new ventures on a fully healed ankle.

Go Yankees!

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