Championship Series NL Game 2: SF vs. STL — Home run central, walk-off battle win

Okay, I know I’ve talked a lot about the National League’s propensity toward excellent pitching this postseason (and really, this game was no difference), but tonight’s game was really dominated by the home runs. Mainly the 4 whopping ones by the Cardinals. Of course, if you were anywhere within a 200 mile radius of the Arch, you might have heard the cheers from the sea of red, elated as their team tied up the series. And this is also crucial, if the Cardinals want a fighting chance at the World Series. Going back into Giants territory for the next 3 games always give the Giants an advantage; they play really well at home.

But tonight’s game was a constant back-and-forth with the score, each team only putting up a single run periodically to score, leap ahead, tie the game, fall behind, tie it up, leap ahead, etc. Basically, the pitching kept the baserunners on base, only allowing a score once most innings. Again, great pitching once again.

The Cardinals struck first in the 3rd inning with their 1st of their 4 solo home runs. They added another run with an RBI single in the 4th after loading the bases (the first of many times that night).

The Giants didn’t wait long to add to their non-score in the 5th inning with a run scored on a ground out before tying up the game with an RBI single in the 6th. Then they pushed ahead in the 7th with an RBI single.

But a solo home run (#2 of the game) in the bottom of the 7th tied the game once again before an 8th inning solo home run (#3) pushed the Cards back on top.

Again, not waiting long to answer back, the Giants put 2 runners on base in the top of the 9th with 2 outs, only needing 1 out to win. But the replacement catcher (the starter having left the game with a strained oblique) missed a catch on a Ball 4 to walk the runner and allowed the tying run to slide home. The Giants were still in the game and fighting.

Now, I am a firm believer of home field advantage in most cases, something proved tonight by the lead-off batter for the Cardinals. On the 2nd pitch, he smacked a solo home run (the 4th of the game for the Cards) to win on a walk-off. And all of St. Louis celebrated, while all of San Francisco is anticipating using that home field advantage to their, well, advantage.

NLCS Game 2: Cardinals over Giants 5-4, series tied 1-1

I think you know what I’m going to say next… and starting tonight, if there’s no news, I’m going to put up some random “Day in Yankee History” trivia. There’s a ton of postseason Yankee History because they’re the Yankees.

So, “This Day in Yankee History” in 2004, the Yankees defeated the Red Sox in the ALCS Game 1 with a score of 10-7, though as we all know despite this good start, a 2004 World Series wasn’t in the pinstripes’ destiny. (Of course, the real fun game was a few days later beating the Red Sox 19-8 at Fenway. It would be the last great game they would play that season.)

Go Yankees!

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