Division Series AL3a: BAL vs. DET, AL3b: LAA vs. KC — 2 Sunday Sweeps

So apparently, I’m not good at predicting baseball because my ALDS predictions were way off. Tonight, both the Orioles and the Royals swept their respective opponents to secure their spots in the ALCS later this week.

In Detroit, the steam-rolling Orioles went in looking for their 3rd win to take the series and fought for it. Honestly, it was a tight game the whole way. Both teams were really at the mercy of their pitching staffs, and honestly, the Tigers did a much better job of that due to their newly acquired starter. His one moment of weakness was the 6th inning when a 2-run home run allowed the Orioles to jump ahead and onto the scoreboard. It’s unfortunate that the Tigers’ bats were relatively quiet all night. Of course, the Orioles weren’t really that much better other than that home run, they only racked up 5 total hits, just 1 more than the Tigers’ total hits.

Once the Orioles had that 2-0 lead, they spent the remaining third of the game defending it. In the 9th, the last-minute rally attempt by the Tigers to at least send it into extra innings was rather impressive and nail-biting. Back-to-back doubles scored 1 run for the Tigers, but after a strikeout and an intentional walk, a double play put all hopes of a Tigers’ rally to bed, sending the Orioles to the ALCS.

ALDS Game 3a — Orioles over Tigers 2-1, Baltimore wins ALDS 3-0

Then in Kansas City, Midwestern fans packed out Kauffman Stadium in hopes of seeing their home team fend off the best team in baseball to make it to the ALCS. Those fans were not disappointed in the least. Honestly, it was the best game the Royals played all season, and unfortunately for the Angels, that fact coincided with the most crucial game they’ve played all year so far.

The Angels scored first in the 1st inning with a 1-out solo home run, but the Royals answered back in the bottom of that inning with a 3-RBI double and added more in the 3rd with a 2-run home run. The Angels’s 4th inning lead-off solo home run was met by the Royals’ solo home run that inning, before the Royals upped the ante with another run scored on a sacrifice fly. The Royals added yet another run to their rising total in the 6th inning with an RBI single as their ace pitcher and tonight’s starter left the game secure in an 8-2 Royals’ lead. The Angels only got one run back in the 8th inning on a ground out RBI, but the Royals won with a solid 8-3 final score.

If anyone were to have told me that the Royals would be crushing the Angels just a few weeks ago, I would’ve called them crazy. But tonight, the Angels’ biggest problem was their pitching staff. The starter couldn’t make it out of the 1st inning, his replacement only threw 8 pitches for the next 2 outs, and then the next 5 pitchers cobbled together the next 13 outs. The closing pitcher threw the longest at 35 pitches in almost 3 innings. Really not an impressive show for the Angels’ pitching staff.

ALDS Game 3b — Royals over Angels 8-3, Kansas City wins ALDS 3-0

No news from Yankee Universe… the mystery continues. But instead of listening to rumors (and seriously, can’t people think of anything better than filling dead air with nonsense?), let’s focus on the positive. At least the Yankees didn’t get swept by the Royals in the postseason… (sorry Angels’ fans).

Go Yankees!

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