Games 145 & 146 — NYY vs. BAL — Doubleheader double-dropped

Today was the Yankees’ doubleheader against the Orioles . The first game was due to a rain out back on August 12. And the evening game was the regularly schedule game of the 3-game weekend series in Baltimore, the last time the Yankees will be in Charm City this season. Unfortunately, it didn’t end up being a very good couple of games for the Yankees.

In the matinee, it became a pitching duel between the Orioles’ starter and the Yankees’ starter Brandon McCarthy. Matching each other nearly pitch-for-pitch, they each threw 106 in 7 innings (though McCarthy threw to one batter in the 7th). McCarthy gave up just 4 hits to the Yankees’ 7 (and 2 walks), while striking out 6 Orioles’ batters (to the Yankees’ 7). But neither team could combine those base-running attempts to do more than threaten each other.

Betances and Robertson split the 8th, 9th, and 10th innings. Yes, 10th inning because the game stayed knotted at 0-0 into the 11th inning. There, and with 2 outs, Chris Young smacked a solo home run for the first run scored in the game. Then in the bottom of the 11th, the Yankees sent up Adam Warren to keep that precarious 1-0 lead, but things weren’t meant to be it seems. Warren loaded the bases with 2 outs and then allowed a 2-run double that had the Orioles’ walking-off with the victory (and just 2 hours until the next game time). It would be 2-1 Orioles.

In between games, Chase Headley made his appearance in the dugout. After yesterday’s scary event of getting a ball on your face, all x-rays and tests came back negative (concussions, fractures, etc.), which is a great things, instead needing just a few stitches and a couple of days rest. Derek Jeter’s name showed up on the 2nd game’s roster, starting at shortstop, because as well all know, “he’s fine”. And David Phelps was officially activated before the game, coming off the temporary stint on the DL with elbow issues. Phelps also pitched in tonight’s game, though during the game, he proved he is still a little rusty.

Bryan Mitchell got the start today, his chance to show off fort he Yankee bigs. And he didn’t do terribly overall — 84 pitches in 5 innings, 6 hits, 2 runs, 2 walks, and just 2 strike outs. In the 4th, a walked batter scored on a nice double, and then that runner scored on the 1st of 2 Baltimore triples tonight.

Outman got the ball in the 6th inning to relieve Mitchell, doing his job quite effectively and modeling those old-fashioned stirrups, Then it was Phelps’ turn to return to the “away greys” getting 2 quick outs. But then he loaded the bases with 3 back-to-back walks so that a sharp single score 2 more runs for the Orioles. Hill got that final out of the 7th.

Then Chaz Roe gets the nod to pitch for the Yankees. Technically, he got a quick 3 outs, but a wild pitch on that 3rd batter actually allowed the runner to get to 1st safely (another strange rule I just don’t get in baseball). That batter would come around to score on that second Baltimore triple, pushing the score to 5-0 Orioles.

And there it stood. The Orioles swept their first doubleheader against the Yankees since September 24, 1984, where pitching greats Guidry and Righetti each took a loss that day. It was also the first road game doubleheader to be both swept and score 1 run or fewer wince July 31, 1966 against the White Sox. Not that any of that matters shy of the basic fact that the Yankees just lost 2 more games. Especially with the hope of something in October slowly drifting away with each passing hour.


Go Yankees!

{Note: media links coming this weekend for this week’s posts. Sorry.}

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