Game 96: CIN vs. NYY — 9 strikeouts & a big win on a cloudy day

Before today’s game against the Reds, they presented Derek Jeter with their contribution to his “Not a Farewell Tour”. Reds’ GM and their All-Star 3rd baseman Frazier gifted Jeter with framed autographed jersey from two previous shortstops and captains. Down the center of the frame were special photos taken the day that Jeter was named the Yankees captain, which happened to take place while the Yankees were in Cincinnati playing the Reds in 2003.

The reason Frazier was chosen to be part of today’s ceremonies is because 16 years ago, 12-year old Frazier was part of the Little League World Series Championship team, and in recognition of his accomplishment, he was chosen to go to the 1998 All-Star Game and stand next to none other than 24-year old Derek Jeter.

Today, Brandon McCarthy got his first home start with the Yankees and proved himself to be worth the effort, grabbing today’s win. Over his 6 innings, he threw 99 pitches, allowed 6 hits and 1 run, and struck out an impressive 9 batters. That sole run, the only run the Reds would score all day, was a solo home run in the 5th inning.

Warren, Kelley, and Thornton split the last 3 innings and kept the Reds hitless and scoreless for the rest of the game, adding 4 more strikeouts to the collective total.

On the other side of the plate, the Yankees found their swing and kept swinging. In the 2nd, Carlos Beltran smacked a 2-out solo home run. In the 3rd, Brian Roberts reached on a fielding error and ended up at 2nd when the outfielder couldn’t control the ball; he would score on Brett Gardner’s single. In the 5th, Roberts at 3rd and Johnson at 2nd, Gardner’s sacrifice fly scored Roberts and Jeter’s single scored Johnson. Then in the 6th, bases loaded with McCann, Beltran, and Roberts, Kelly Johnson singled and scored both McCann and Beltran. Gardner’s sacrifice fly scored Roberts.

And so the final score was 7-1 Yankees. A nice win on a cloudy day in the Bronx. Not a terrible way to spend a Saturday, and I have to say I’m liking that they’re starting the second half off in the win column.

Go Yankees!


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