Game 56: SEA vs. NYY — Made up & tossed away

Tonight’s game was a make-up rain-out game from April 30 against Seattle. And honestly, it just wasn’t going to be the Yankees night from the beginning.

The Yankees offense wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either. They still managed to collect 9 hits, but only scored 2 runs in the 4th inning. With 2 outs and runners on 2nd and 3rd, Ichiro Suzuki’s single scored Ellsbury and McCann. It would be one of the few times the Yankees found a weakness in the Mariners’ ace’s pitching.

I can’t say much for their defense, except I think I can echo the common sentiment that’s said when they play a sloppy game: “it’s not what you want”. No, it really isn’t.

David Phelps took the start, and honestly, his stats don’t really reflect what he did tonight. It wasn’t a terrible outing, but it was being backed by a rather sloppy defense that really did him in. He allowed 6 hits, 6 runs, 3 walks, and 4 strikeouts over his 6 innings. He also pitched to 4 batters in the 7th without an out. It’s not a good story, so brace yourself. In the 2nd inning, a lead-off triple started the careening spiral that the Mariners would use to win tonight’s game. That runner would score on the next batter’s single.

Then in the 4th, another lead-off triple (by the same batter in the 2nd, by the way) made things even more interesting. Gardner made a running, sliding grab for it, almost into foul territory, but couldn’t make the catch so it bounced off his glove; Derek Jeter grabbed it in foul territory near the stands and was getting ready to toss it to a fan when the fans and his team were screaming at him to get the runner out. Apparently, Jeter thought the play was over and a foul ball, but it technically landed fair and the runner was sprinting around the bases, while Jeter was meandering near the stands. That runner would score on a force out.

And then things got messier in the 7th. Like I said, Phelps pitched to the first 4 batters without recording an out. The bases are quickly loaded with a double, a walk, and a bunt, so a single easily scores 2 runners. They Yankees turn to Matt Thornton for relief, and he gets that first out. But then another single scores 2 more runs. Thornton is able to get those final 2 outs of the inning without adding to the damage.

Alfredo Aceves comes on in relief of Thornton for the 8th and 9th innings, but his night is about as productive as the rest of the Yankees. Already behind 6-2 at this point, the Mariners quickly get 2 outs in the 9th before a solo home run pushes the score to 7-2 Mariners. Then back-to-back singles set the stage for a 3-run home run, making the score 10-2. This is obviously too big of a deficit for the Yankees to overcome in the last 1/2 inning, and they quickly get shut down in the bottom of the 9th.

In better news, the doctors examined Mark Teixeira’s wrist today and cleared him to resume baseball activities at his own pace. He could be in the line-up as early as tomorrow or Wednesday against Oakland.

And last night, after the game, Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation hosted its annual fundraising dinner in Manhattan to celebrate and honor “Jeter’s Leaders” who have dedicated their young lives to developing leadership and making healthy life choices. 100% of them will be going to college because of the foundation and the generous donors. Turn 2 has been making an impact in the communities of Western Michigan, Tampa, and New York for almost two decades thanks to the efforts made by the entire Jeter family and people who have supported their vision for all these years, like the entire Yankees organization, former manager Joe Torre, and countless current and former ball players and professional athletes.

It’s always a great thing to see people, no matter who they are, give back to the community and the people they care about. And it should as a reminder to find some way for us to give back, be it to volunteer or donate or whatever. Everyone can do something, so do something!

Go Yankees!

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