Game 40: NYY vs. NYM — Split Subway Series

The Empire State building is lit up blue and white in honor of the Yankees’ win tonight to close out the Subway Series. Because New York loves their sports, be it Yankees-Mets, Knicks-Nets, Giants-Jets, Rangers-Islanders-Devils, or whatever college or other sports teams. The City itself is always more alive when its teams are playing, and it hemorrhages indescribable energy when their teams win. And tonight, New York won.

Roster moves in preparation for tonight’s game: Carlos Beltran is on the 15-day DL with his right elbow injury, a bone spur to be looked at by a doctor to see if surgery would be required; pitcher Chase Whitley was signed to the 25-man roster from AAA; and pitcher Bruce Billings was reinstated from the DL and designated for assignment.

Celebrating Jeter’s last game at Citi Field, photo courtesy of YES Network

Prior to the final game of the Subway Series, the Mets presented Derek Jeter with a large framed subway-tiled #2 and a nice donation to the Turn 2 Foundation for $22,222.22. In addition, New Jersey’s Carlo’s Bakery (made popular by the TLC show “Cake Boss” and its owner Buddy Valastro) provided a specially designed cake and cupcakes.

And then it was newly signed Chase Whitley to take his first MLB start. His family present to cheer him on from the stands, Whitley really did a phenomenal job. With all the recent hits the Yankees have taken to their starting rotation, it was rather refreshing and encouraging to see a young pitcher play major league ball at such a level. Whitley went 4.2 innings and 74 pitches, and he gave up just 2 hits and 2 walks, striking out 4 Mets batters. As they are also playing in an NL ballpark, Whitley also earned his first MLB hit tonight; prior to his professional career, Whitley was training to be a 3rd baseman before getting picked up as a pitcher. Honestly, I’m surprised an NL team hasn’t campaigned for him yet.

Old Reliable Dellin Betances entered the game in the 5th inning and proceeded to get 7 straight outs, 6 were consecutive strikeouts. Seriously, this kid is practically unstoppable, and in my mind at least, he is clearly the anchor of the bullpen. Adam Warren took the first 2 outs of the 8th inning and after a walk and a single put runners threatening on the corners, the Yankees turned to David Robertson for a 4-out save. And of course, Robertson delivered once again for his 7th save. Together the Yankees pitchers threw 14 strikeouts.

The Yankees got 6 total hits off the Mets pitchers, compared to the 3 the Mets eked off the Yankees pitchers. Not really a strong offense, but when it was needed to count, it did. And that would be the 7th inning. Brian McCann on 1st after a force out, Alfonso Soriano’s double scored McCann on the Mets sloppy over throw home.

And that would be the only run scored of the evening. But sometimes, that’s all it takes. The Yankees win 1-0 over the Mets, splitting the Subway Series 2-2.

I find it interesting that the Mets won both games in Yankee Stadium, and the Yankees won both games at Citi Field. Odd perhaps, but it’s definitely representative of true New York baseball, even perhaps New York sports in general. And despite what certain broadcasters were assuming at the beginning of the game, it was never going to be a riotous crowd. It’s just the way it is with New York baseball. New Yorkers love their sports; they love their camaraderie; they love their atmosphere; but above all, they love New York. The non-New York based crew seemed to be fascinated with the apparent “rivalry” and split households. It’s nothing new in New York. It’s just the way it is.

Because here’s the secret that they don’t get anywhere else — at the end of the day, the team that wins is still a New York team. And any time a New York team wins, it’s a great game. (Of course, if it’s the Yankees, it’s all the better.)

Go Yankees!

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