Game 13: BOS vs. NYY — Injury-plagued win

Okay, does anyone else think this weekend’s games against the Red Sox would have been a lot easier if there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of injuries?

Here’s a recap of injuries thus far, before I detail the game: (remember, there is an off-day tomorrow)

  • Mark Teixeira — strained hamstring; out since April 5; scheduled off DL on April 20, will take extended Spring Training week in Tampa starting tomorrow to be back by April 20
  • David Robertson — strained groin injury; out since April 7; scheduled off DL on April 22, should be ready to play by then
  • Brendan Ryan — cervical spine nerve injury (back/neck); out since Spring Training; tentative return in May after some light extended Spring Training
  • Brian Roberts — tightness in his back after Friday’s game; out Saturday and Sunday; MRI negative; after a couple of days rest, he should be good to go on Tuesday
  • Derek Jeter — tightness in quad after Friday’s game; out Saturday and Sunday; no MRI; insists he will be back in the lineup on Tuesday
  • Francisco Cervelli — in today’s game, pulled right hamstring running to 1st (more later); sent for MRI, will probably be on 15-day DL, which will then call up someone from AAA (probably back-up back-up catcher Romine)
  • Yangervis Solarte — today, inadvertently hit in groin area trying to beat a ball to 1st base in the 6th; very sore but stayed in the game; should be fine after a couple of days rest
  • Brian McCann — as catcher, took a hit-by-pitch on his right index finger in the 8th; stayed in the game; x-rays negative; just sore

And that’s where we stand as of today, folks. I blame the Red Sox. But then, we Yankee fans always blame the Red Sox. It’s as American as apple pie or hating the… oh, wait… But I think you understand. Wishing health and speedy recovery to the whole team (apparently).

Oh, there was a little bit of Sunday night baseball and some drama, which we should all expect from this kind of rivals weekend.

Ivan Nova seemed a little bit of his “supernova” self tonight. He pitched 97 pitches through 7.1 innings, giving up 8 hits, 2 runs, and no walks, striking out 4 batters, decidedly earning tonight’s win. In the 2nd inning, with 2 outs, 2 singles allowed runners at the corners. Another single scored that first run for the Red Sox. The next single tried to score a run but an on-point throw by Gardner from left field got the runner at home for that third out and a very pretty play. The only other run the Red Sox could manufacture was a lead-off solo home run in the 6th.

In the 8th, after getting one out, the Yankees asked Thornton and Phelps to each get the other two outs, which they did successfully, escaping a nasty bases-loaded jam. They then set up Kelley again for his third save.

Now, offensively, the Yankees had some fun creating some drama for the near sold-out crowd on this nice Sunday evening in the Bronx. In the 3rd inning, with Gardner on with a single, Carlos Beltran smacked a solid 2-run home run into the left field seats. Then we saw some small ball drama in the 4th inning. McCann and Solarte each drew a walk, then Johnson grounds into a force out leaving him and McCann on the corners.

And here we go: Cervelli hits a short dribbler to the shortstop, and they get Johnson at 2nd and try to turn a double play and get Cervelli running to 1st, as McCann tries to score before the play is complete. And initially, the umpire calls him out there for the double play to end the inning. Now, it’s here where Cervelli is writhing in pain, clutching his hamstring, and while the trainers are checking him out, Girardi uses his challenge to have the umpires review the play. They do, and they find that Cervelli is safe at 1st and thus McCann scored the run. Now, this somehow angers Red Sox manager Farrell, who comes storming out of his dugout to yell at the umpires. This, of course, as Cervelli is hobbling off the field, the Red Sox are re-taking the field, and Ichiro Suzuki comes to pinch-run for Cervelli. Farrell, with no real reason to argue other than he didn’t like the call, gets ejected from the game, and the inning continues as Anna flies out to end the inning.

Ichiro stayed in the game at right field, as Beltran moved to play 1st base for the first time in his entire career. Later, he told the press that he literally prayed that no one hit the ball to him. (He got his wish as most of the rest of the plays were fairly standard.)

So the Yankees won 3-2 tonight, taking the series 3-1 over Boston (always good news), but in the process of the weekend, lost some injured players. More updates to come tomorrow, I’m guessing, with the off-day giving the hobbling a chance to do a whole lot of nothing except rest and heal. Speedy recovery, everyone!

Go Yankees!

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