Spring Game 23: NYY vs. PIT — Really, really, really rained out

It’s still raining here in Tampa. It’s been raining for almost 12 straight hours, sometimes a little heavier, sometimes a mere sprinkle. But between the unending precipitation and the threat of tornadoes (although let’s be honest here, in Florida, it’s more likely for lightning), it made it nearly impossible for most of the teams playing on the western part of the state to play ball today. All those up the east coast (or the I-95 corridor) could play their game successfully before much of their areas were hit with the slow advancing front.

The funny thing about growing up in Florida is that everyone becomes an amateur meteorologist. We have a lot of “weather events” from rain bursts to hot and humid days, hurricanes to tornado watches, clear skies to hundreds of lightning strikes in under an hour. I think we learn more about the weather than we do about the flora and fauna of the state.

So the Yankees were supposed to play the Pirates down at their Spring home in Bradenton (about an hour south of Tampa), but about 40 minutes after the start time and over an hour after the tarp covered the infield, the powers that be believed there was no sign of stopping (and they were very right), so they called the game.

Now, if this was during the regular season, they’d schedule a make-up game. But it’s Spring and it doesn’t count, so the scheduled starters (like Hiroki Kuroda, for the Yankees) spent time working out with a simulated game. Four total west coast (ish) games were canceled today, and one on the east went through 5 innings. In fact, the only Tampa area game that’s going to happen today is being held at the indoor arena downtown (an NHL game).

On the bright side, a day of rain could signal a cooler day game tomorrow, which would definitely help with tomorrow’s opponent — the Red Sox. And it looks like former Red Sox player Jacoby Ellsbury won’t be able to face his former team due to a tightened calf that’s been bothering him since Sunday.

Yep, still raining… oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Go Yankees!

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