So much for a slow off-season…

Carlos Beltran is one step closer to adding Yankee to his title. His official press conference and signing will be tomorrow afternoon, one of the last big events before everyone (including me) takes a break for the holidays. I have a friend who is a very big Cardinals fan (he grew up near St. Louis) and is currently mourning the loss, much like he did with Pujols a few years ago. But I’m guessing Beltran and his family are excited to be back in New York (he previously played with the Mets for 6 1/2 years, after starting his career with the Royals). Let’s be honest, as someone who has spent time in the Midwest, choosing between Missouri and New York, Beltran clearly made the right decision going back “home”.

And in case you’re interested in how someone could marry baseball, theater, and history together, someone actually pulled it off and is about to open Bronx Bombers on Broadway. The play takes audiences through the history and impact of the Yankees on New York, the US, and baseball in general and centers around some major iconic Yankee legends — Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, DiMaggio, Jackson, Howard, Berra (and his wife Carmen, the lone female in the cast), Munson, and Jeter. Previews (live performances that double as dress rehearsals) begin in January, and Opening Night is scheduled for the beginning of February. Tickets are currently available, and I look forward to seeing it myself (as I happen to be a baseball, theater, and history nerd). Check it out when you’re next in the City.

And continuing my brief post from yesterday, YES Network released several videos today of how the Yankees are giving back to their community. The Yankees transformed the Great Hall at Yankee Stadium into a Winter Wonderland to host their 4th Annual Holiday Party for residents of the Bronx, which included a toy giveaway for the children, entertainment by a community children’s choir, and all sorts of goodies for parents and kids alike. They also followed Derek Jeter and his Turn2 Foundation as they packaged up gifts and then had their own parties in all three areas Turn2 serves (New York, Tampa, and Kalamazoo) through their “Jeter’s Leaders” program. And they celebrated with CC Sabathia and his family as they also gave back in partnership with the MLB Fan Cave, inviting kids from a Boys & Girls Club in the Bronx; kids were treated to a fun day of games, food, face painting, magic shows, karaoke, dance party, and great gifts.

So much for being a slow off-season… the Yankees know how to fill the time until Spring Training with all sorts of announcements, but my favorite ones are definitely seeing how they continue to be an active part of their communities. Again, a very great example of what it means to be a Yankee — excellence and integrity.

Go Yankees!

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