Giving thanks for family

Maybe it’s because Thanksgiving is tomorrow, but I was thinking today about all the ways the Yankees give back to their community. I know they do that every year, very publicly through HOPE Week. And I know they work with other major local outreaches and organizations to meet the needs of their City.

In fact, they’re organizing a Holiday Food Drive this December to help those less-fortunate this holiday season. If you’re in the NYC area, you can bring a canned food-style donation (canned veggies, pasta, oatmeal, canned sauces, etc. — no rice or bottled water) to Yankee Stadium on December 18, 10 am – 3 pm. Those with larger donations (weighing at least 30 lbs.) will also receive 2 vouchers for Yankees tickets for select games during the 2014 season. More information can be found on their website here.

Most players will be spending the holidays with their families. Some players will be celebrating on a larger scale. Robinson Cano, the WBC MVP, will in a parade in the Dominican Republic celebrating with the rest of the championship DR team from the World Baseball Classic this past spring. This also works in Cano’s favor because so much of his family is still in the DR.

And really, family is what this time of year’s all about anyway. Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah or Thanksgiving (or some hybrid I think has been dubbed “Thanksgiv-ukkah”), I do hope you enjoy your time with family.

I can already hear some eye rolls, but here’s a thought for you. If baseball is a metaphor for life, then your family is your team. You may not always like whose on first (sorry, I had to) or that guy who’s locker space is steadily creeping into yours because of his tendency for fan mail, or that other guy who sings to Rhianna every morning and can’t carry a tune to save his life. But they’re family. This means when someone else tries to hurt them by intentionally throwing a ball at their head, you send Papa Bear out there to take the other guy out if necessary. The only people allowed to mess with your family is you. Why? Because they’re your family, your team. And you deal with those problems with “can’t carry a tune” guy or “fan mail” guy or whatever in-house like a family, like a team.

So enjoy your team… I mean, family, whether you have a 40-man roster or a small pick-up game tomorrow.

Go Yankees! (And Happy Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Thankgivukkah/Thursday!)

{Note: I’m taking a full Thanksgiving holiday break, so I’ll be back Monday, December 2.}

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