Staying optimistic in the waiting

The Yankees re-signed shortstop Brendan Ryan as back-up for Jeter. While he’s not the great offensive player they may wish for, his defensive skills definitely put him at a higher ranking than several other options already on the extended roster. The assumption that Eduardo Nunez would continue as back-up seemed to hit some road blocks last years when the “back-up” (Nunez) for an injured player (Jeter) found himself plagued with his own set of injuries. The Yankees picked up Ryan late in the season, and Ryan seemed like an easy fit on the field. When Nunez found himself healthy again, he proved to be a more than adequate 3rd baseman, something no one seemed to consider before last year.

I will break my own rule on assumptions for a minute here, but I’m guessing that really surprising (but good) impression with Nunez at 3rd could actually pin point him into the role as the hot-corner back-up instead of the shortstop back-up. At least, that could be the direction they take. It’s still so much in the air. It seems like there’s nothing but air floating around these days.

I saw a tweet earlier today about how right now MLB off-season seems like a deserted wasteland, tumbleweed and all. I think most people, reporters, players, and bloggers alike are just anxiously waiting for something tangible. We’re still waiting to hear about Cano, Granderson, Kuroda, and an entire host of free agents. I realize that right now there’s a whole lot of nothing, and news is going to start coming in from every direction like Niagara Falls.

But in the waiting, it’s a whole lot of nothing.

I think that’s the hardest part about life sometimes — the waiting in between seasons. One season is clearly over and another feels like it’s an eternity off in the distance. And in between, there’s the waiting. The promise of that next season is there, but the clarity of how it will look and all those little details is such a blur or a mess or a giant question mark. And in the mean time, there’s just a whole lot of nothing. There’s a whole lot of possibilities for the future, but not a lot of things in the now.

Like I said last week, this blog has really made me focus on the positive, which has come in handy when there’s been a whole lot of nothing in other parts of my life. If baseball is a metaphor for life, then the off-season in life can be a really trying time that stretches one’s optimism to the furthest extent.

On the other hand, at least I’m not a player in free agency wondering if anyone’s going to pick me for their team. Well, then again…

Go Yankees!

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