Keeping the atmosphere excellent and enjoyable

After tonight’s long game, Boston is now one game away from going to the World Series, something they haven’t done since they won in 2007. Just shy of 4 hours, this game was a well-fought one and the Tigers weren’t giving up without a huge fight. The Red Sox struck first in the 2nd inning with a solo home run, an RBI double, and RBI single; they added one more to cushion that lead in the 3rd — a run scored on a wild pitch. But the Tigers found their way in the 5th, 6th, and 7th innings to make their mark — an RBI single, an RBI single, and a GIDP scored a run, respectively. But that wild pitch run, complemented by the really remarkable Red Sox closer’s 25-pitch 5-out outing, was just one run too much as the Tigers ran out of innings.

So they pack up and head back to Fenway, where the Red Sox lead the ALCS 3-2 after winning tonight’s game a very close 4-3. This is definitely not to say that the Tigers are out of this yet. The Red Sox squeaked this win out, just as they and the Tigers have both squeaked out each of their wins. I was talking with a friend today, commenting that both the NLCS and ALCS are pretty evenly matched and it’s been really interesting to see which team will end up on top every game. It’s really anyone’s guess in both series.

And over in Yankee world…

Now that Girardi’s in place, the Yankees set to work on re-signing the entire coaching staff. Today, they came to terms with Larry Rothschild. Anyone who’s ever watched a Yankees game is familiar with Larry, who comes sauntering out to the mound when any pitcher looks like he might be in some trouble but not quite ready to exit the game. (That would be a Girardi visit.) Larry works wonders with the pitching staff, getting some really great stuff from them when they think there’s not much else they can do. And he’s probably one of the few people I’ll mention by their first name rather than their last, as is custom with standard journalism, but Larry’s just super cool. Okay, I guess I’d group Stevie (the head trainer Steve Donahue) in that category too, and when not treating the latest injured player (which happened all too often this season), Stevie’s usually chatting up the players, especially Jeter, during the game.

I think that’s one of the reasons the Yankees work well as a team — the guys they have “looking out for them” are some of the guys you’d want to hang out with even if you weren’t forced to as part of the team’s atmosphere. One of the things I love watching during the game is how the coaching staff interacts with the players and with each other. Each one knows their role, but in the process so enjoys both their job and their team that it spills out so that one can’t help but enjoy the whole process with them.

Go Yankees!

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