The power’s not out yet for the postseason…

The Red Sox charged forward in their series against the Tigers with their 1-0 final score in today’s game. What that means is that both starting pitchers were really phenomenal. The single run scored by the Red Sox was a 7th inning solo home run, and that itself says a lot about what was happening in Detroit (and really this whole series) — pitching, pitching, pitching. Oh, and a 17 minute power outage. No, really. A nearby power substation went off-line in the 2nd inning and caused a power outage through Comerica Park — all the lights, scoreboard, computers, flashing neon signs, and anything related to electricity was just gone. Now, fortunately, there was no panic due to it being early in an afternoon game. But the biggest issue was losing connection with the national broadcast. No broadcast, no ads, no baseball. Oh, the limitations of playing in the 21st century. Anyway, the Red Sox now lead the ALCS series 2-1.

And over on the coast, it was the Cardinals game pretty much from the beginning. In the 3rd inning, they jumped ahead with an RBI double and 2-run home run to be 3-0 and never gave up that lead. The Dodgers made an effort in the 4th with two RBI singles, but that would be the only runs they would score. The Cardinals tacked on a solo home run in the 7th for insurance, and their bullpen kept that score at 4-2 Cardinals all the way to that last strikeout. Now, the Cardinals lead the NLCS series 3-1 and are one game shy of going to the World Series.

Yankee Universe is relatively silent. I checked out some of the guys that will be looking over their options for 2014 and that list is long. I suppose on some off-day in November I will analyze the possibilities in the free agent pool that is a good portion of the roster. I’m guessing the postseason, college football, the NFL, and the beginnings of NBA are a great diversion for those still unsure what uniform they will don come 2014.

And perhaps, that’s what makes sports kind of fun for those of us on this side of the field — an escape from the everyday grind, a couple of hours from the worry and care of life. And when everything else doesn’t make sense, taking that break to watch a game and the world makes sense, even if just for that brief moment. Because baseball is always the same game — the basics are the same, the outcome is the same, the excitement is that same. Sure, there are new players, new loyalties, new special details, but there is something comforting in cheering on your team with thousands of other fans, becoming an instant family of support. Baseball itself is like that sweet taste of summer we all loved as kids — the momentary escape from work or school, and while you know it won’t last forever, it’s nice to just take a break every now and then and enjoy the little moments along the way.

Go Yankees!

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