Well, they had to win one…

The Dodgers were too good of a team to not win at least one game in the series, let alone one in their own stadium. So they decided to make their mark on the series with a bang, of sorts. Their starter went 7 innings, allowing just 3 hits and a walk to the Cardinals and absolutely no runs. The Dodgers pitching just seemed really on point tonight.

Not that the Cardinals were terrible there either — a combined total of 9 hits, 3 runs, and no walks is pretty decent when the Dodgers are hitting the ball. It was really the 4th inning that did most of the damage — Dodger batters doubled, doubled in a run, and tripled in another run all in that inning. And capped off their runs with an RBI single in the 8th. Nothing even close to the power packed homers we’re used to seeing from the Dodgers’ offense. Well, okay, 2 triples in a single game is pretty good.

No, I didn’t think the Dodgers were going to go silently into the night, and none of these games have been exceptionally easy for either team. Tonight was no exception for either point. They both fought well, and now the series is 2-1 Cardinals. Remember, it’s a best out of 7 game series, so there’s still plenty of baseball left to play.

I remembered yesterday (during the day, hours before I posted) that it was the 1-year anniversary of the first game of the 2012 ALCS between the Yankees and the Tigers. And anyone who watched that game will never forget what happened in extra innings — the “Derek Jeter Breaks His Ankle Game”. Now a year later, hopefully, it’s well-rested and being strengthened and much more ready to compete at an elite sports level than before. They finally understood the difference between being “healed” and being “strong”. A bone can heal pretty quick, but damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. take a lot longer to rebuild their strength and then allow the human they’re all apart of remember how to use them all properly again. Continued healing wishes on the belated anniversary, Captain.

Also, we wish a very happy birthday to manager Joe Girardi! I’m guessing a signed, set contract is a pretty good birthday gift this year for him (and his family). I know, I look forward to many more games with Girardi perched at the top of the dugout, hands pressed together under his pensive mouth or perhaps folded across his chest, watching his team play out the ever evolving strategy that is baseball. With what he did with the team this past year and where they ended up is a huge credit to him, and had the team made the postseason, he would have been a shoo-in for Manager of the Year. Well, he’s still MotY for most Yankee fans.

Go Yankees!

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