A dream worth celebrating

It took 4 hours and 47 minutes, 13 innings, and 3 runs for the Cardinals to take Game 1 of the NLCS. It was quite a game at that, 3-2 Cardinals over Dodgers. The Dodgers and the Cardinals both struck their offense back in the 3rd inning and sat at the score of 2-2 well into extra innings. This is going to be an interesting series because both teams are pretty evenly matched as far as pitching and offensive power goes. So an interesting fact is that all 3 runs for the Cardinals were driven in by a single batter — Beltran. The first 2 were in that 3rd inning as a 2-run double and the third came as a walk-off single in the 13th.

It was rather triumphant in a sea of red in St. Louis to see a single score the runner from 2nd base after midnight (local time). The sprinkles of that unmistakable Dodger blue faded into the night as they trudged to the visiting clubhouse and look for their win maybe tomorrow. There’s nothing like October baseball. If anyone ever says that baseball is boring, they clearly have never sat on the edge of their seats in extra innings just waiting and hoping that the next hit is that perfect one that will be the winning hit and run.

Once again, the world is missing news from the Yankee world tonight. Instead the world (and by “world”, I mean that small core of people who care about such things, like say blog readers) will have to wait for this whole postseason to end so we’ll truly be in the off-season of MLB. A new World Champion will be crowned and celebrated, and all those October dealings that Cashman and the boys have been cooking up will begin to bloom into something we’ll know as the 2014 Yankees.

And before you know it, it will be Spring again…

But wait, let’s actually savor October baseball, even if the Yankees aren’t in it. Because the sport should transcend team loyalties. The players get into baseball to play the game, and while the lucky ones get to play in the Bronx, the rest still get to play the sport they fell in love with when they were kids, the sport they dreamed of playing in that World Series and getting that winning hit and being that hero. You don’t chase after your dream without wanting to go all the way to the top. And there’s 100 guys right now wanting that chance this year, 100 over-grown little leaguers who dream of that World Series win and title. But only 25 will get that chance, that win, that title this year. And that dream is one worth celebrating, even if they aren’t in pinstripes.

Go Yankees!

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