Girardi’s staying put in NY

Game 5 in the NLDS clearly had some home field advantage for the Cardinals who took the game and the series with their 6-1 win tonight. And honestly, that is a huge tribute to their starting pitcher who threw 107 pitches over 9 innings — a complete game and win. Well deserved, Cardinals. The Pirates made every effort, with their starter going 5 innings, giving up just 2 runs (a 2-run homer in the 2nd), and 5 other pitches comprising the next 4 and the Cardinals still got 4 runs (including a solo home run in the 8th) off the bullpen. The Pirates just weren’t hitting and their bullpen certainly seemed fatigued.

The Cardinals will face the Dodgers on Friday for the NLCS.

But let’s be honest here, Yankee fans are more interested in Yankee-related things. And today, they announced some great news. Manager Joe Girardi and the Yankees have reached an agreement on a contract extension through 2017 — a 4-year $16 million contract, that will bring him to a decade at the helm of the Yankees once this contract is over. Girardi credits the delay in his response to spending time with his family and communicating his options with his family. And though he does have ties and family in the Chicago area, the Girardis have made their home in New York, and I don’t think they wanted to change homes any time soon.

And if you’re wondering, the fourth year on the contract was Girardi’s idea to give his family a nice cushion of feeling like home for the next 4 years. The Yankees showed they really trust him and his leadership by agreeing. While technically, the Yankees ended this season at one of their worst in 20 years, they still came in 3rd in the AL East, just a few games shy of the postseason. And much of that is because of Girardi being able to patch together a team in spite of absolutely everything working against them. So perhaps with a healthy team next year, that same magic he seemed to possess to weave what was still a winning season can translate into a postseason win. At least, that’s what both Girardi and the Yankees are hoping.

Okay, I guess every Yankee player and every Yankee fan is hoping for too — that elusive #28. The number that will once again be on the back of their faithful manager. Teixeira said it best that with all the new faces, it’s nice to know that his won’t be one of them. There’s always new faces every year with trades, signings, rookies, and call-ups, so it’s nice to know that there’s going to be a great veteran presence not just in the next locker, but in the manager’s office as well — a big brother for some, a father-figure for most, and a friend for everyone.

Go Yankees!

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