Not even close & a little too close

All the NLDS are on travel days, all 4 hoping to break the tie and take the series in these next two games. In the mean time, the ALDS had some flashy moments during tonight’s games.

The Red Sox are now 2-0 after tonight’s win against the Rays. Not that the Rays were too easy to beat today. The Red Sox starter gave up all 4 of the Rays’ runs and only went 5.1 innings but the Boston fans love their team and still gave him a standing ovation. Stay classy, Boston. Not that the Rays’ pitcher had it any easier. He went 7 innings (and 1 batter in the 8th) and gave up 7 runs to the Red Sox. Again, it was the Rays defense that was the problem again (2 of the runs were solo homers). Sure, they have their moments of glory, but not enough against the Red Sox. They just grab their opportunities and never let go. The Bearded Wonders are looking to wrap up this series on Monday (or Tuesday at the latest) down in Florida. The Rays, however, are already looking forward to seeing Boston once again on Thursday. One of these teams will be right. And sorry to virtually everyone who reads my blog, but I’m guessing the Rays are going to have a longer off-season this year.

On the other coast, the Tigers and Athletics remained locked in a near-epic pitching duel. The A’s starter went 8 innings without giving up a run, and the Tigers’ starter went 7 innings. Both teams had plenty of runners on base, but neither took the opportunity to get a runner home. The last two innings I spent pretty much yelling about my computer screen for someone to score a run. It’s amazing how many times a viewers less-than-gentle prodding does absolutely nothing to help the game. With bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th, score tied at 0-0 and no outs, a single quickly becomes a walk-off single for the Athletics and win 1-0, and their series is now tied at one game a piece. This is going to be another close series.

And there’s no news in Yankee-land. Legal proceedings are off because it’s the weekend, which means reporters have time on their hands to dissect all that’s going on in the arbitration and lawsuit drama and create new suppositions about Girardi and Cano’s contract situations. They can have their fun; I’m sticking to positive facts. The fact is that there’s about 4 months until the team needs to look like a team before Spring Training invitations are issued, and in that time, Cashman and the big guys in the Yankee offices will work their magic to settle as many contract negotiations and options as possible with guys on the current roster, add to the team via trades and offers to what will become new Yankees, and figure out which of the minor league players to focus some attention on during the Spring to see if they’re ready for their big shot come 2014. And then, of course, there’s all those lovely last-minute deals towards the end of Spring to get the team ready for Opening Day in April.

But like I said, we still have some time. And in between now and then, I know there’s some guys hoping and praying they’ll get an offer from the Yankees, or at least an invite to Spring to show what they’ve been doing and how far they’ve come. Every Spring there’s always that one or two guys that just stick out and find their debut into the majors — that moment when everything just clicks for them. And somewhere right now, some minor leaguer is just wondering what that moment might be like for him and if this will be his year (okay, he’s probably sleeping as it’s pretty late on the East Coast where a lot of the players live). But still, he’s out there, and this next year, his life is going to change because he’ll get to don the pinstripes like so many heroes and legends before him. There’s something that’s magical about wearing those pinstripes, and it’s going to happen to someone in March. So who is it going to be?

Go Yankees!

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