Game 113: 3 Yankee home runs & a blown save

Okay, so things were so ridiculously pretty in Chicago tonight until the 9th inning.

CC Sabathia really had a pretty great outing this year. He went into the 8th inning, threw 86 pitches, allowed only 5 hits and 3 runs (a solo home run, an RBI double, and a fielder’s choice). His control was really on point tonight, and it’s really a shame he wasn’t able to grab tonight’s win.

The Yankees really backed him up offensively too. Alfonso Soriano sliced a 2-run homer deep into the left field seats, scoring Brett Gardner, in the 1st inning. In the 3rd inning, Vernon Wells hit a nice bloop RBI single, scoring Soriano. Eduardo Nunez got his first home run of the season in the 4th inning and put the Yankees up 4-3 over the White Sox. David Robertson kept the score pinned there, throwing the rest of the 8th inning.

So when the bottom of the 9th inning rolled around and the Yankees were up, who else do you send in? Mariano Rivera. Except with 2 outs and a runner on 2nd, a pinch-run single easily scores the tying run for the White Sox and blows Rivera’s save. Rivera threw a perfect 10th inning (how every Yankee fan wished that was how the 9th had gone). Adam Warren came on in the 11th keeping the score tied.

In the top of the 12th inning, it was Robinson Cano to break the tie with a really deep solo home run out to right-center field. It was up to Warren to keep the Sox from scoring in the bottom of the inning. Except that he didn’t (and he earned the loss, sparing one from an undeserving Sabathia). Again with 2 outs, back-to-back singles set the stage for a walk-off 2-RBI triple, ending the game 6-5 White Sox after 12 innings.

There’s not a whole lot of love lost between the cities of Chicago and New York, and I’m guessing tonight that sentiment continues on the sports front. I think everyone needs the day off tomorrow.

You know, I think we all thought the Yankees really had this one tonight. So it’s such a shame they weren’t able to hang onto either of their leads they earned in the late innings. Something suddenly just didn’t click, and they weren’t able to fight through it. Well, I do admire their effort to keep fighting, even though after the blown save, it had to be rather disheartening. But whatever momentum they had just kind of snapped and was never rediscovered. Too bad.

Seeing as there’s not much more to say, and disappointed losses really are a downer, I guess I’m going to cut it short tonight, so I can dream for a better home series. I always have a hard time writing about losses, but I can usually find a positive spin. I guess maybe I’m just tired, physically and maybe emotionally from these hard losses recently. I think everyone’s a little tired. I don’t know what’s going to snap them out of this funk, but something’s going to. The single benefit of these slumps is that they’re never forever. So this one needs to head up to a peak sooner, rather than later so they can get back in the running for October. I still believe they have it in them, and I know a lot of Yankee fans believe too. Maybe they need to be reminded of that…

Go Yankees!

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